Releasing a Cthulhoid podcast on wax cylinders


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Great, all I need now is an Edisonian phonograph.


Although disk recordings (both Edison and Victrola) had largely supplanted cylinder recordings by the time the Lovecraft was doing most of his writing.



I guess Blue Amberols just don’t have street cred anymore.


I knew disc recording, tapes and MP3s were just a fad.


Can the “music” of the Elder gods actually be inscribed physically?

And if so, would that not require the receiving surface belong to a non-Euclidean geometry?


WOOOHOOO! Finally, something new to play on the Edison!


Dang. Wonder if they’ll ship overseas?


But it’s much easier to cover a cardboard cylinder with wax, make some scratches in it and claim it’s a recording without anyone being able to tell otherwise, not that I’m saying that’s the case here.


I got one of those, along with a dozen or so cylinders (like these:)

…but the phonograph lacks whatever stylus-analog would actually allow playback. But I have 95% of the system in place! If I were working right now, I’d plunk down the £50.00 and fix the phonograph, just to open my own personal portal to the nether dimensions in my garage. Always wanted to do that.


I’ll do the promotional/press kit stills in daguerreotype.


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