Recording metal on an Edison wax cylinder phonograph


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Thomas Edison, “Ahem… KICK OUT THE JAMS, MOTHERFU…”

At the other end of the Spectrum from Metal on Wax.


The ever entertaining Al Duvall claims to record on wax cylinder, but I’ve never managed to purchase one (a friend has a player) so I am dubious.


Found a way to make a Rob Scallon project sound even shittier. Well done Rob.


You must be the delight of every party!


Funny thing is I never get invited?


THIS is sheer vintage brutality :


So, wax is the new metal? Or the new vinyl?


TMBG did it some time ago(1996):


Nothing more metal…


It sounds so much softer and warmer than vinyl this is why i listen to all my music on wax through metal horns.


Hey, he’s recording it with a gunshot wound. Not even seriously deranged Scandinavian Death Metal types go that far.


Meaningless Trivia Time: Double Indemnity was probably the first movie featuring the getaway-car-won’t-start-at-first-due-to-a-flat-battery-but-then-eventually-does-start-at-the-last-moment plot device.
Apparently it was an 11th hour inspiration Billy Wilder had while shooting the movie when one day, your guess is correct, his car wouldn’t start after wrapping up for the day.



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