The Sounds of the Junk Yard, a 1964 vinyl record


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“This video is not available.”


Junk Yard 1972

But seriously, those recordings are a nice archive of sounds past. Now all the tools and painted saw blades you find in rural flea markets now all have soundtracks.

P.S. I would have added some of Redd Foxx’s material on that Voyager disc. :slight_smile:


great beat but you can’t dance to it.


Playing all three of those at the same time is awesome.


IKR? It makes me feel as if I was working hard!


There’s something kind of soothing about the sound of machinery at work. Plus it drowns out the chit-chat noise from the people “working” outside my office.


Yes! Wow. Thanks for the tip.

Now to dust off my copy of Metal Machine Music…


Hmm…perhaps you’d enjoy some “roots” metal along with your Lou? Here’s Avraamov’s Symphony of Factory Sirens.



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