Religious statues has human teeth


…hey, at least it’s Catholicism, and not some creepy cult, amirite?


I wonder if the statue… like… ate some dude… with his own teeth. Woah!

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This isn’t really that startling to people (like me) who were raised as Catholics, since Roman Catholicism has included relics (i.e. pieces of dead saints and various substances and things associated with Jesus and Mary, including splinters of wood alleged to have come from the True Cross and the Shroud of Turin) since time immemorial, and the altars in all Catholic churches have traditionally included relics, although online information is ambiguous as to whether that’s actually required. To me, the really startling thing here is the realism of the statue, with its exposed cheekbone. Even for someone raised in a faith that featured some pretty realistic crucifixes, that’s extraordinary.


They turned a man into a statue… through the power of JESUS!! (or whoever, it’s basically polytheism at this point)

I’m just throwing this out there, there’s a 100% chance that that statue used to be a real person until he got turned into a statue except for his teeth by some sort of crazy Catholic magic.

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Wont be surprised if it turns out to be true…

The book “Rag and Bone: A Journey Among the World’s Holy Dead” covers relics really well.

This post taught me that although I was raised Catholic, those statues can be even more terrifying than originally thought.


Behold, it’s T’yog! Ia, Shubniggurath!

Interesting that the eyes are spheres, like in a doll, or a computer model. Most sculptures treat the eyes as if they were spheres without actually sticking spheres in.

According to scurrilous protestants of my acquaintance, the technical term is ‘hocus pocus’.

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