Religious vaccine exemption letter to exempt you from working near the unvaccinated

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i assume this is particularly ironic as it offers up possibilities of infinite recursion?

"Religious vaccine exemption letter to exempt you from working near the unvaccinated"
…who had themselves received a religious vaccine exemption…?

“i hold here in my hand [waves parchment] a religious exemption nullifying (the effects of) all surrounding religious exemptions. which, being a high priest of the church of the good lunch, i signed myself”


I think I should carry around a pack of business cards with “I can do what I want” on them.


I mean, the truth is not too far off. I’m on a “Reasonable Accommodation” exemption from returning to the office on the argument that my kids aren’t vaccinated (they aren’t in school either…). I am waiting to see what effect the return to school and work has on NY’s numbers. I learned through the grapevine that several others in my office have done the same.

Our staff have a pretty good vaccine-or-testing requirement, but I have no idea about the rest of the building’s tenants, with whom we share elevators and a ventilation system. You can also miss me with riding the NYC subway to and from downtown Brooklyn every day where vax rates are practically sub-Floridian.


Brisk trade in that sort’a thing these days.


Having just (like, 10 minutes ago) received a call from my son’s school saying that he has a “close exposure” to somebody that tested positive, I’m now contemplating trying this with the schools*. It’s a fairly progressive area and the schools have been good (mandatory 100% masks; only one of the school board members voting against that policy) but damn I’d sure like find a way to quarantine the vax refusniks.

*This is high school. Nobody under 12.


I’m not surprised surprised; given the relative strength of people for and against occupational safety and health; but the irrational part of my brain that hasn’t quite given up on responding to things as though it operates in a just world always wonders why COVID measures aren’t (also) and OSHA-or-equivalent matter.

If some of one’s colleagues were exhaling cadmium dust all over the place there would be PPE and engineering controls requirements and stuff; but COVID? Meh, I’m sure cube farm HVAC is good enough…


Slightly off-topic, but Nick Offerman appears in the Netflix series Colin in Black and White, playing Colin Kaepernick’s adoptive father. I caught the first three episodes at TIFF this weekend, and it is outstanding - lots of moments that hit you in the gut as the show deconstructs both systemic racism and professional sports in America. Definitely not to be missed.


Searching for Church of the Good Lunch autoflls [my city] and shows me lunch places near churches. Interesting. Taking out the [my city] then gives lunch places within walking distance of my home, the closest of which is, ironically, a The Burger’s Priest location. :slight_smile: Godess, I love the Interwebs.


Laws about safety get weird when things become officially medical, too. For example, disposal of even extraordinarily low level radioactive material is very strictly regulated. But if it’s administered to a patient for imaging or a treatment? All of a sudden it’s fine to dispose of via normal toilets, and to walk around unshielded. Note: no, I am not making any moral claims about this example on its own or comparisons vs covid policy. I’m just pointing out that the rules we live under have always been wildly inconsistent in how they treat risks to which we expose ourselves and others.


Got him a quick test and he’s positive. F! On the bright side, totally asymptomatic so far.


High schooler? Vaccinated I assume? The numbers are pretty good for younger vaccinated folks.

Here’s some fairly recent info:


I thought the same thing in a medical lab I worked in, you know everything used for benchwork goes into the red biohazard bags. Even if you didn’t touch anything, gloves in office trash could be cited since someone else couldn’t assume they weren’t contaminated. But *blow your nose with a little blood in the snot? Fine to put in the regular trash. Even if you had an outright bloody nose!
*cw: gross


And then when you get back to the lab you point the Geiger counter at yourself and laugh with everyone.

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Really sorry to hear this, though as Bobo said the prognosis is good for a vaccine teen.


But near workbenches in a medical lab there should only be biohazard bins and nobody should be wearing gloves in the office area.

Oh, wait, I am not at work. As you were, sorry.

You can’t fool me. It’s religious exemptions all the way down!


Yes and hell fucking yes. I’m not overly worried about the outcome, just angry and frustrated like two thirds of the country is. Even at the low end of outcomes he’s not in school for the next 10 days and he’s missing an important event this weekend he’s been training for. That’s not nothing, it just didn’t have to be this way.


Many thank @edgore.