Relistening to Bowie's Pin Ups


I heard that one time David Bowie was meeting fans, and he talked to one young woman and asked her what her favorite of his records was. When she expressed her opinion, he said “Oh dear, you have bad taste in my records.”

Assuming the anecdote is true, she probably said “The Laughing Gnome”, but I like to think that she said “Pin Ups”.

Well, people have different tastes; I’m (as you might guess) a big Bowie fan, but there are some albums that I’ve never liked; The Man Who Sold the World, Lodger, Let’s Dance, etc. And sometimes it’s not even a matter of the particular songs on the record, because I like other versions of the songs that he and others have done.

Oh! Forgot to mention my favorite Bowie cover: “Let’s Spend the Night Together” on Aladdin Sane. Very droll.

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