Remember the perpetual motion machine called Orbo? They are back!


I always wonder who the target audience for that shit is. Since they don’t have product, investors presumably. But how many people invest in companies that not only have absolutely nothing real to show but also work in the proverbial scam industry?

And then I remember my dad, an educated and successful man who has absolutely no idea how gullible he is.



Three Body Problem. Evil Photons trying to keep us down.


So they’ve manufactured an electret. Electrets are nothing new. Although electrets present a static voltage, they have huge impedance and are incapable of driving a load as a battery can. Even if you could somehow extract all the energy they contain, it would not be more than the energy used to fabricate it. These guys are scam artists.


ummmmm… it was protons, not photons.


in this house we obey the laws of thermodynamics!


I swear that’s what I typed.


It’s like a TimeCube you can put your money inside!


This is the greatest invention in the world! You’ll make a million dollars!


This, we call AutoHotKey.


Because magnets perplex these loons too. Their thinking is “I’ll use this magical stone to make magic”…


I remember Electrets from the Nov. 1960 “Amateur Scientist” column in Scientific American so this post makes me happy.


We need Timothy Ferriss on this now.


there are no magnets in this just Shauns explaination that it works similar to a battery…its a long lasting battery …an ELECTRET…and if you look on youtube and search for crystal batteries you too can make your own for a few quid …use a charge pump cuircuit taken form a chinese dancing flower and hay presto


A classic. I designed an overbalanced wheel when I was about 7 or 8 years old, with water scoops instead of weights. Recently re-discovered one of the drawings and used high school geometry to disprove it.

It doesn’t matter what you do to me, I will always polarize.

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