Remember the perpetual motion machine called Orbo? They are back!


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“Shaun compares the resulting combination of components to a galvanic cell…the chemical layer is completely inert…”

It’s like a chemical reaction, but without the reacting chemicals.


Why do these things always involve magnets?

Oh wait, it’s because the people using them don’t actually have to produce the magnets themselves, and so get to conveniently ignore the energy that went into making them.

It’s exactly like buying a battery from the store, and saying “look!!! I can generate a miniscule current from this thing that can theoretically last for 8000 years!!!1”


I thought they’d given up, but they are back.

I think you can do a quick calculation of minutes/suckers born from the interim to explain why they’re back.


“Every time they’ve had a public demonstration, it doesn’t work.”

I see a pattern of failure here.


To answer your question:

It’s electromagnetism for a reason - they go hand in hand - can’t have one without the other.


“These things” being perpetual motion machines or super-cheap energy.

None of the batteries I use on a daily basis involves permanent magnets.

If you’re getting energy out of the magnetic field (as opposed to getting energy out of work put in, like a generator), then you can’t ignore the energy that was put into the permanent magnet.



The electric fields frozen into the magnets work in a way that parallels the frozen magnetic fields of permanent magnets. The term for a device with this sort of permanently frozen electric field is “electret”, a portmanteau of “electric” and “magnet”.

The way they work parallels the frozen magnetic fields of permanent magnets because they are permanent magnets.

The term for a device with this sort of permanently frozen electric field is “magnet.”

Did these guys seriously pass 5th grade science?


What the hell is Andreessen doing there?


Are you sure that isn’t a young(ish) Daddy Warbucks?

Let’s think this through.

  1. Perpetual Motion Machines are fictional.
  2. Daddy Warbucks is fictional.
  3. Daddy Warbucks would totally invest in a Perpetual Motion Machine.
  4. The photograph clearly reveals a man who could possibly be Daddy Warbucks.
  5. Being fictional – and this is critical – Daddy Warbucks could appear anywhere.

And therefore:

  1. Perpetual Motion Machines are fictional – just like Time Machines, which Daddy Warbucks would also totally invest in.

And it looks like Daddy Warbucks has invested in Time Machines – why, just look at that youthful, vacant stare, hungering for a meaningful future …!


Yes, but I also think magnets feature so prominently in perpetual motion scams because, to the uninformed (of whom I count myself), they seem like they should be able to perform work. There’s just got to be a way to make that magical, invisible force do something useful. It must only a matter of configuring things properly, then stand back!


It’s a good thing for the Steorn franchise that there’s an infinite supply of suckers.




Lisa, in this house we obey the laws of thermodynamics!



They always involve magnets because Fucking Magnets How Do They Work

( you had to know that was coming)
( ooops, ninja’d by leicester)


And for only sixteen payments of $89.95, you, too, can have that vacant, hungering stare!!!

and here I am without my personal checks…dammit!


Lots of product placement in the background for IKEA; are you sure this isn’t just a subversive IKEA advert?


I believe you mean - “Fucking ELECTRETS…”