Fidget spinners + magnets: glorious chaotic motion

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Am I the only one thinking perpetual motion , or at least generating some electricity from all that?

That’s IT! MAGNETS. . . nobody has ever thought of magnets before to make perpetual motion! Let’s get to work on this right away!



There is surely some way to use this to simulate the statistical mechanics of molecules in a fluid, or something. Gives me a headache just thinking about it. Or maybe some kind of ternary computer?

The next step is to pair it up with those synchronizing metronomes.

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This was really awesome, but I’m sort of disappointed we don’t get to see how long the big ones take until they’re just sort of quivering in place.

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Emperor Palpatine speaks the truth.


I sent the link to my thermodynamics professor with a “Curse you! Now all I can see when I look at this is a thermodynamics problem!” note.


That was my first thought. Like a tidal power kinda thing.


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i was thinking more along the lines of “i wonder if we can make random numbers with this”

I can imagine a carnival ride that is both thrilling, and dangerously whiplashing at the same time.

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