Remember when Gerber tried to market "baby food for teens?"


I wonder how long it’ll be before they try marketing to the burgeoning AB/DL market.

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I mean, they are really just tiny overpriced smoothiea, right? Doean’t sound so vrazy to me. I remember really liking small, overpackaged vrap when i was a teen.

“Eating baby food is cool! Even RoboCop enjoys it!”


The babies don’t mind, they have their soda.

(They’ll try to market anything to anyone, won’t they?)


What makes you think they’re not?

Now here’s a disturbing thought - that set probably overlaps the set of all teens.

I liked to occasionally eat baby food when I was in my late teens, but I don’t recall seeing any ads encouraging the behavior. :baby:

When I was nine or ten, I tried my brother’s baby food.

Nope. Never again.

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They are just off by a few years on their target demograpic…
They need to team up with that Soylent guy to create Bachelor Chow.

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Yeah, those times are… uh… behind us…

I had reason to try baby food following some oral surgery recently. It really is pretty terrible stuff.

There’s a recent ad for iirc “Great Grains” cereal that mentions “the baby food diet”.

Have you ever seen a 200 pound baby?


Rob Ford?


To be fair, they were responding to the then already existing trend of teen girls eating baby food (usually the custardy and fruity ones).

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Had a baby about a month ago. Soylent has been our saving grace for feeding ourselves in the middle of the night when our wee one is having her own, ahem organic complete nutrition beverage. Everybody goes back to sleep full and happy.

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Curious who did the art. Anyone?

Dammit, you beat me to it! Usually I’m on point with the Futurama references.

Ugh, I didn’t even like gogurt as a kid. You can’t fake me out with carageenan-thickened sugarwater. I prefer my sugarwater to be adulterated with caffeine and be lightly carbonated, rather than slime in a tube.

What’s it taste like?

Version 1.3 tasted and felt a little like cheerios in a blender. Version 1.4 is more like liquid cream of wheat (and like cream of wheat, turns a little gluey eventually in the fridge, but only because they figured out how to get the fats into the powder, which is a big plus…) Overall, sufficiently neutral.