Dunkin' Donuts to launch 2 coffee cereals with Post, 'Caramel Macchiato' and 'Mocha Latte'

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“Caffeinated Cereal: a parent’s worst nightmare.”


currently true but I think methy fllakes might be able to oneup it. “go get em tweaker”


Another episode in the long-running series “Canada Had It First”: https://www.postconsumerbrands.ca/brand/timbits/


Take out the marshmallow bit and sure.




Perfectly apt gif; nevertheless, I’m betting the target market for this crap is college students…


I still can’t believe that anyone seeks out Dunkin coffee.


It brings to mind my “country cousins” from Tennessee who were quite big and rambunctious for their ages. My aunt and uncle’s strategy was to give them black coffee at dinner, so they’d run wild and burn themselves out by bedtime.

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“I still can’t believe that anyone seeks out Dunkin coffee.”

It definitely depends what my options are-- I’ll take Dunks over Charbucks every time. but then, I grew up in SE Massachusetts, where you’re never out of sight of a DD. You like what you’re accustomed to liking.


well… sure its crappy coffee. but for some reason that first sip lights the engines. then again, i have been known to use keurig pods as well. maybe don’t go by me.

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So here in MA when it finally hits the shelves it will make the TP runs look like casual shopping.

Not a coffee guy, but if I’m short on time I’ll take a wake-up wrap or two on the way to work.

EDIT: I think I posted this gem before, but it never gets unfunny…


My parents almost never bought sugary cereals when I was growing up, so when I was in college and had free access to Corn Pops, Lucky Charms and Captain Crunch in the cafeteria I crunched and munched with glee. But it got old quick. Or maybe I was just getting old. I like savory stuff now more than sweet.

Would I try it? Probably not, I think I can kind of guess what it will taste like, and I have no plans on purchasing it.

I’ve heard DD employees say stuff like “oh god, this guy is real, every location has one of him!”


And if you’re in southie, there’s probably two of them.


I would never drink their coffee, but coffee cereal? I’m there*

*as long as it doesn’t suck like their greasy coffee does

I used to get Dunkin on the way to work all the time and sometimes I swear I was given a cup of hot water with milk in it. Barely coffee. No flavor except the sugar syrups. I can’t drink it anymore.

As the fifty-first state, that is one of your rights!

Yay! We beat D.C. and Puerto Rico!

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Maybe you should try a Rhode Island favorite:

Hmmm. . . . wonder what the DD cereal would be like with coffee milk in place of regular milk. . . .

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Coffee ice cream is delicious too. But that’s my point… it tastes like coffee. :smiley:

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