Remote control copper string lights for $12

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@frauenfelder What kind of solar rig do you use to power them?

I have some solar-powered copper string lights on our front gate.
They must really be something, all lit up when it's light out.

meh, you can get them for $7.55 on aliexpress, and they change colors, and there’s no referral code involved.

Can someone explain how these copper string lights work? They must have some kind of coating on the wires to prevent shorts, but I’ve looked at them up close and (maybe it depends on the brand) I can’t for the life of me see any. And wouldn’t it be in danger of being scraped off?


No thanks. Reminds me too much of drumpf’s dryer lint hair.

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Yeah the link wasn’t for solar powered lights…

Ah, I randomly found the answer on another set on Amazon:

The ultra think [sic] copper wire is coated with golden lacquer which makes the whole strand water resistant […] It is twistable and flexible, you can make any shapes you need by twisting to any angel. But we suggest do not make too much twisting or the coating lacquer will fall off and the light will short circuit.

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Well, aren’t you bougie… :laughing:

So, basically it’s magnet wire:

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