100 LED lights on a 33-foot string of copper wire

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So did you just lay it on the ground, or did you rig it up in some way so it’s not a trip hazard?

Thanks! I was just going to order some white lights with less wire in them for my new, improved Loud Bike.


Been using LED rope lights on my front porch for years now, much better on your eyes at night

The whole string burns just 5w so when I forget to turn it off, it’s not a big deal.

It isn’t a big deal, but I went ahead and screwed one of those daylight-sensitive electric eyes into the bulb socket, then screwed a plug-in adapter into that, and the rope lights into that. just leave the lightswitch on forever, I never have to turn it on or off, the sun does it for me.


Seems like they would be perfect for this project.


I knew that something looked familiar about the copper-wire strand of lights…
Saw these when I was getting some solar holiday lights:

72 foot solar powered version for a few bucks more – there is a 33 foot version for a few bucks less


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