String of 100 LEDs for $11


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How does this compare to EL-wire? More durable? I guess there’s no question of running them on battery power.


How much were they supposed to be?
This doesn’t sound like jumping up and down deal price to me.


EL wire is more fragile, and it doesn’t last as long. LEDs are rated for 10 times the lifespan of El wire, at least. Plus EL wire needs high voltage to work, which means a usually high pitched whiney sounding module that is its own point of failure. Though very pretty, I wouldn’t try to us EL for everyday illumination, it’s more a special occasion sort of thing.


EL wire is also about a hundredth of the brightness. Much more a glow than actual light.


It’s about what you would pay on Ebay (includes postage). But if you don’t need the remote control and already have a spare USB power supply you can get the string for much less:


But there’s a cool referral link! And that’s what’s important.

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