How to make cool copper wire tiaras with LEDs

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Using the LED pins as structural elements is not a good way. Will last for a while, then will break off at the LED’s base. Or will tear off the pin including part of the LED plastic. Don’t ask how I know.

Perhaps solder a little piece of universal circuitboard at the bottom of the LED? Either a 1x2 piece of through-hole one, or a strip along the pins? Would add the structural element needed for reliable performance.

Would suring up the base with a dab of epoxy help add some strain relief? For a design like this, adding any board at all would be unsightly.

I’d say conditional yes.Good idea. But moves the problem to the end of the epoxy blob. (With circuitboard you can resolder the failed joint. With epoxy you have to remove part of it and expose solderable wire.)

It becomes somewhat a challenge to pull it right. But can be either made small enough (at the base of the LED, and dremeled or hand-filed to its diameter) or incorporated into the design.

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