Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green does not know what socialism is

It also has it’s roots in white supremacy, as the whole association with communism was hurled at civil rights groups, especially during the cold war (despite many civil rights groups actually purging their more radical membership during the red scare).


No but you see, they earned it, anything you earn can’t be socialism. Because socialism is literally when chairman sanders forcefully inserts himself into a rich man’s holes and makes the money come out.


I know what you meant, but that makes me think of a cultural revolution led by Kentucky Fried Chicken. :slight_smile:


“Now that we’ve de-stroyed the Bourgeoisie, we will have some finger-lickin’ freedom”


I’m just surprised she can spell the word properly.

You’re giving Greene way too much credit – my teenaged nephew knows more about aggregate demand and inflationary risk and socialism than she does. She’s deploying the term “socialism” here – and everywhere else – as a substance-free boogeyman. She’s not even right accidently because (this is important to remember with these types) she doesn’t know what the hell she’s talking about.

Also, Keynesian economics are in political terms effectively a backstop that prevents full socialism (i.e. the workers owning the means of production) from being seen as an alternative when a laissez faire capitalism economy collapses. Despite the Red-baiting wailings of conservatives in the 1930s, FDR’s New Deal actually saved American capitalism from its worst impulses. Yes, there’s a degree of inflationary risk if full-on demand-side stimulus becomes seen as a way of life rather than as (in the view of Keynes and – more currently – Jerome Powell) a strategically and periodically deployed measure. Plus there are additional factors unique to a pandemic situation that are impacting all sectors of the domestic and global economy.

And again, the entire preceding paragraph might as well be written in ancient Chaldean as far as Greene and her mouth-breathing followers are concerned. Don’t feel compelled to be “that guy” on their behalf.

Of course, but that’s different. Also, it’s not socialism when “deserving” (i.e. white) people get social services (see: “keep yer damn government hands offa my Medicare”).


I’m pretty sure that socialism is caused by ANTIFA.


Somebody make sure Trump hears that she thinks his tariffs were Socialism.
Also that she thinks that everything that happened under Trump is Socialism.



Umm. All of them? That’s why they’re called economic systems.


Her idea is that supporting people while they’re stuck at home is preventing these things from being produced. And that is why things are hard to get and prices are going up.

What you’re describing is closer to what’s actually happening. Because there is some level of public support, demand has increased or held steady.

What neither of you are mentioning is that logistical disruptions rooted in massive numbers of actual sick and dying people are constraining supply.

She’s pushing the idea that socialism means no one works or makes anything. So everything is breadlines.

And she’s doing it by ignoring that pretty big situation we’re all dealing with.


She’s correct that there is increased demand for this stuff. What she is not correct about is why - the government money is only part of the reason. People aren’t going anywhere, they are not eating out or paying for entertainment - that also means more money in people’s pockets for other things like home renos. On top of that, if you are spending more time at home, you want to make it more comfortable.

And in the end, is this bad? Or were people finally finding the resources to make mostly necessary home improvements because their wages were too low to support their home maintenance costs? I mean, suppliers are definitely gouging people and that is not good.


All US presidents do that. As the previous one is knocked down by the WTO, up goes another one.


seth meyers laughs no GIF by Late Night with Seth Meyers

She doesn’t believe any of that. She literally is just reciting talking points about how any government programs that aren’t the military or tax cuts for the wealthy is communism/socialims. It’s just a boogey man, not a political view.


true that!


Honestly some of us really need to stop acting like the far right as represented by Greene and others are bringing some coherent, normal politics to the table, when that’s not true at all.


Building construction has been on a rampage for almost a decade now, but it got noticeably busier at the end of April last year, and shows no signs of slowing. It has nothing to do with COVID lockdowns except in as much that property developers had enough time to think about all the stuff they wanted to build, and then they went forth and doubled their efforts to build stuff.

Supply is tight because demand has outstripped manufacturing capacity. It really is that simple. Almost as simple as the alleged mind inside MTG (GQP - GA)'s head.


Ok, let me try to follow the argument. People who don’t have to go to work and can afford to do so because of government support (socialism) do home improvement projects. That drives the cost of home improvement supplies up (capitalism). And that’s bad because… manufacturing? Ok, let me try again. Absent government spending, more people would be working more at lumber mills and appliance factories (hint: appliances are mostly imported) but they wouldn’t be able to afford the time to do their DIY projects so demand and costs would go down (capitalism) and wait, who is better off under that scenario?


The trees.


Not too sure about that, I’m still trying to come up with one.


I also really liked this response on her twitter:

100% true in my neck of the woods. We’re usually pretty DIY, but we’ve tried to hire out a couple jobs over the past year, and the waiting lists for most reputable contractors are about a year long now.


The free market capitalism part is that building materials from overseas are often cheaper, even with shipping. Shipping containers and foreign manufacturing costs have increased dramatically. Increased domestic production would reduce the need to import but the cost to manufacture domestically would also increase expected costs significantly.

To be fair, she’s probably not in favour of workers being paid a living wage in the US either. It would be possible to reduce the cost of building materials if the government controlled the means of production. Oh wait…