Rep Tom MacArthur passed Trumpcare by excluding pre-existing conditions -- then he faced a Town Hall

I was watching the guy at about 30 minutes in… that is pure distilled anger right there.

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Oh, I was put on the mailing list at birth because I was born ambiguously ethnic.
I can forward you the invite though.

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Cool. Mine must have gotten lost in the mail.


He is a shitbag, but I think he did this on purpose, so he could say, “See how terrible these Democrats are?” He was deliberately standing back, enjoying the spectacle. I would call him passive aggressive, deliberately goading other people into getting mad.

And he’s an ex-insurance company owner. No wonder he despises letting people with preexisting conditions have insurance. That would get in the way of making money!


That’s all I could stomach. You’d think his disabled daughter would have taught him some compassion for folks in general, but as an insurance exec he obviously pruned his compassion down to his family.


This is some prime muddy-water right here. Sure, the sexual assault itself is not a pre-existing condition- just anything that might become of it.

As for the state laws, well, federal laws supersede them, so which law do you think HMO’s will choose to follow?


Yes, because that is so much better. We should all blame the victims for their suffering, it’s for their own good.

/sarcasm from a PTSD sufferer who has heard this kind of bullshit too many times before now.


Oh, this set of tactics is the rule-book for success?

Again though, since the law provides that health-related consequences of sexual assault may be considered pre-existing conditions, is it really hyperbolic at all to just logically conclude that rape is considered a pre-existing condition? What would be the difference? Does the insurer have to cover expenses for any rape kit taken at a hospital, but cover nothing else?

Further, what looks better on a picket?

Conditions Stemming From Sexual Assault And Domestic Violence Must Be Covered By Insurance


Rape Is Not a Pre-Existing Condition

Also, who made you in charge of how other people protest?


James Comey’s sacking was straight out of The Thick of It – except that the television would be telling him that he’d resigned.

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Clearly those weren’t real Americans ™


By way of contrast, I live in a small city of about 35,000 population. Our mayor holds a Mayor’s Coffee Hour typically twice a month where she takes questions and comments from residents and informs us about upcoming City programs and policies. By holding these meetings frequently she avoids getting out of touch with the electorate, and avoids having hard feelings generated. Although the turn-out at any specific meeting is rarely huge, it does reassure the people that their concerns are taken seriously.

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