Rep Tom MacArthur passed Trumpcare by excluding pre-existing conditions -- then he faced a Town Hall


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“Yeah! What the hell is this? A country of equal opportunities or something?”


He’s got an opponent waiting in the wings:


Never fight with Jersey folk, yous go’n lose.


I can imagine his aides standing in the background, Veep/Thick of It style, praying “please don’t mention ‘Medicare for all’ you stupid git, not even sarcast…oh noes!”


Tar, Feathers, Rail. Get cracking, New Jersey.


Hopefully this new round of town halls will make us nostalgic for the effortlessly nonpartisan days of the Obama Administration.


I like the fact that US reps seem to do these town hall meetings. It seems to make them accessible to people in a way that representatives here in Alberta really don’t seem to be. I certainly don’t know the last time my representative from any level of government held this kind of event.

Also it sounds like he wasn’t reading the crowd at all to make that kind of comment even sarcastically.


This guy’s a shitbag, but he’s a shitbag with guts. I’ll give him that.


I thought this too. He took the beating and allowed people’s voices to be heard. There has to be something in that.


There is a general trend on both sides of the political fence where politicians have stopped seeing themselves as representatives of their constituents.


He probably thought it was going to be like all the other town halls have ever been, a bunch of bored oldsters that swing hard right complaining about Obama being a secret muslim. Alternately, like every other 1% management dickbag, he is of the delusion that he’s obviously the smartest person in the room because nobody has ever corrected him on anything, so he was going to bamboozle them with his genius.


Nah, go for honey - it’ll attract all sorts of gribblies and other wildlife and take forever to wash all the sticky out of the cracks.


They are no longer public servants. They are people with lavish lifestyles that wish to keep them, regardless of how their selfishness affects their constituents. Theoretically, this kind of disconnect would eventually end with them losing office, but even if that happens, the damage has been done. But I agree, almost every politician high up in our system is or has been guilty of this kind of behavior.


Just a bunch of paid Soros cronies!


True. My shitbag representative won’t hold townhalls.


I really want to get into the pitchfork and torch concession for Republican congressman town hall meetings.


Excuse me, where can I sign up to be a paid Soros crony?

If I am going to be a dissenting curmudgeon, I don’t mind being paid for it.


If so, he hasn’t been paying attention to his colleagues’ town halls. I’d go with your second explanation.


Unlike the piece of garbage Mo Brooks who is the current House Member for the district I live in. His so-called town hall meetings have been invitation only events for like-minded interest groups, usually at churches, and accompanied by much subterfuge and dissembling because he fears being a target of liberal violence.