Rep who called J6 rioters "normal tourists" wants to defund Trump prosecutions

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Not sure that Congress can even touch something that falls under states’ rights. Somebody hasn’t read his copy of the US Constitution.


I’m pretty sure a Go Fund Me for prosecuting Trump would be as successful as his gift for solicitations to his “defense fund”


I think that was implied by “Republican”


I preferred Clyde before he decided to get his hair cut.


You have clearly confused the actual Constitution with the Constitution as it should be.

The Constitution as it should be simply says “Whatever I want is true and people I don’t like go to jail forever.” The actual Constitution is full of these fussy little dos and don’ts that make no sense and just get in the way most of the time. We should really just throw it all out, because that’s what the Founding Fathers would have wanted.

Except the 2nd Amendment. We’re keeping that part.


I mean, yeah, if the legal system had any shame, investigations into Trump’s business dealings would’ve started in the mid 80s.

As long as we all agree that the proper definition of “Well-Regulated Militia” is “Rural, mostly white town.” oh yeah, we have our own dictionaries too.


According to Republican “thought”; the Constitution is an addendum to the 2nd Amendment.


I’m not a legal scholar but doesn’t this also mean House Republicans would be prevented from continuing their sham investigations on Biden as well?

Or is is an established rule that laws written by Republicans can only be used against Democrats?


But is a Congressional investigation a “legal proceeding”? Better add an amendment to the amendments to make it explicit that Congress can’t use federal funds on their investigations of “presidential contenders during the upcoming election cycle.”

How long would it be before Hunter Biden declared his run as an independent candidate for President? Who needs a plea deal when you can use Republican attempts to make an end run around justice for your own purposes?


Yeah, he has clearly not thought this one through to its logical conclusion.

I think all criminal investigations should be put on hold every four years. Just in case any defendant is pondering a run for the presidency. /s


To refresh your memory, Clyde is the gentleman who said the rioters of January 6, the ones who wanted to hand Mike Pence

Mother would not approve.


Not just Hunter Biden, if they pass this amendment, every criminal with a lawyer who wants a delay, whether Constitutionally eligible or not (after all, Trump isn’t eligible, as several right-wing conservative scholars have pointed out) will file their application to run and then present it to the court and demand the appropriate delay. Right now, there are about 1.5 million cases filed at the state and federal level every year, and if even a small percentage of them claim this privilege the chaos and resulting bolus of cases once the election takes place and the miscarriages of justice that will occur due to the delays would be catastrophic, possibly one that the legal system would never recover from if it became a regular thing.


Wilhoit’s Law is always illustrative in these issues: “Conservatism consists of exactly one proposition, to wit: There must be in-groups whom the law protects but does not bind, alongside out-groups whom the law binds but does not protect.”


To refresh your memory, Clyde is the gentleman who said the rioters of January 6, the ones who wanted to hand Mike Pence, we’re simply normal tourists.

I think you mean “wanted to hand THIS LAUREL AND HARDY HANDSHAKE TO Mike Pence”
oh and the pedant in me notices the “we’re” should be “were” (coughs and gazes at shoes)

… me too, I’m a major presidential candidate :crazy_face:


We are all major presidential candidates!


Yep. The logical conclusion to this is a two-year long Purge for anyone who declares they’re running for President.
“If you don’t stop your damn dog crapping on my lawn Bill, I’m going to straight up murder you.” - Shaun Jacobs for President 2028, campaign slogan.


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