Replicating broken glass lampshade in paper

a guest knocked the shade of my floor-standing lamp against the wall. luckily my largest drawing pad ended up being just long enough to make the high end’s circumference.

broken original and paper replacement.

I wanted it to pass for the same, but as you can see, I made the height a bit taller due to just deciding to err on the side of big on that particular measurement. I think the circumferences should be very close to original, though.

like the ipod case I made, my philosophy for these projects is to make the project from one single piece with no add-ons or tape or glue. I’m interested in the simplicity of the form, even if achieving it is complicated.


Because your OS/client is honoring the camera orientation metadata originally stored in the image when it was saved. Take a screenshot of the image, crop it to size, save it, voilà no more orientation metadata.

The more you know, etc.

so, instead of the people who designed my camera and OS doing their job properly, I have to perform a hack every time I post photos to the internet. awesome.

digital is the future, they said.

it makes everything easier, they said.


There is probably an easier way to remove the orientation metadata from the photo on OS X. I just don’t know it off hand.

right on, I 'll probably have to study that before long :confused: Didn’t mean to imply it was your fault/responsibility for something happening on my end, I was just frustrated–my image uploader had decided to quit working just prior to me posting that, so I was mad at my computer anyhow.

I do take screenshots of my pics sometimes since i shoot hi rez and it’s an easy way to re-size (and strip the exif–y’know, for all those dick pics) so I appreciate the tip, pal.

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