Report: every extremist mass killer in 2022 was right wing

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Hard to Bothsides a report of 100%, but that won’t stop the fascists and their enablers from trying.


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But… BOTH SIDES ARE BAD!!! What about all those people being slaughtered by antifa!!! /s


I don’t quite understand something. If we are sorting by spot on the political spectrum, wouldn’t Islamist Extremists also be right-wing extremists?

Real quick, as I’m about to hop off-line… authoritarian does not necessarily denote either left or right wing. Islamist extremists aren’t necessarily on the right, I’d argue, though they could be. The definition the ADL is using does not identify whether they are on the political left or right, though they do identify them as “authoritarian”…

But the POINT is that all the ideologically driven mass murder events last year were driven by the white supremacist right wing entirely. In fact, outside of 9/11 and a few other major events carried out by Islamists, the Islamist terrorism have always been far overhyped and far less of a direct threat to the safety of Americans than white supremacists, right wing terrorism has been - which goes back to the founding of the first KKK in the wake of the civil war and has been growing in the underground since the 60s. That has always been the primary threat of acts of terrorism… Islamists are primarily a threat to other Muslims and non-Muslims living in Muslim majority countries…



“Extremist murders in the U.S. in recent years have been committed by extremists from the far right, such as white supremacists or sovereign citizens, by domestic Islamist extremists, by left-wing extremists such as Black nationalists or anarchists and occasionally by people associated with other, more obscure causes or groups. All types are included in these annual reports if such killings occur. Each report also contains updated statistics from previous years, where applicable, as the extremist connections to some killings can take months or years to emerge. The discovery in April 2022 of possibly as many as 12 or more sets of human remains in Oklahoma buried on two sites, including property connected to a leader of the Universal Aryan Brotherhood, a large and violent white supremacist prison gang, graphically underscores this fact. At this point, it is not clear how many of the remains will be identified, how many of the killings will be solved or how many of them will be clearly linked to the UAB.1“


It’s not all that puzzling. This site and other Western ones and U.S. law enforcement and anti-hate orgs usually use “right-wing extremist” as a shorthand for homegrown American white supremacists, fascists, neo-Nazis, SovCits, Nationalist Christians, incels, etc.

Islamist extremists are a category of terrorist that generally works in direct opposition to the above groups, despite sharing many noxious views with them. It’s therefore useful to distinguish them from each-other.


This is the part I don’t get about the comparison in the first place.

If you are in the US, especially if you are white in the US, you are much more likely to know or live next to a white supremacist than a Muslim extremist. In many places in the US one might be more likely to live next to many white supremacists than any Muslim people. I would expect the data to reflect proximity, meaning people are more likely to suffer from domestic terrorism… like everywhere. It’s just harder to attack another country.

The fact that people experience fear of these things in such a distorted manner is chilling considering just how much terrorism they don’t really seem to mind.


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Never forget Bowling Green!


Not necessarily right-wing but they would perhaps be authoritarian extremists.


AND YET, after every mass shooting, before the bodies are cold, before the bullet casings hit the ground, some talking head on Fox"News" comes out and says that the killer was a “Registered Democrat Leftist Extremist”, and, like everything on Fox, that lie immediately and permanently lodged in the addled brains of the Fox Dupe Nation, and nothing can ever convince them that it’s not true.


TBF, these folks can simultaneously insist 1/6 insurrectionists were “antifa” and that the ones in prison are “political prisoners of the Deep State.” These two things somehow do not cause internal tensions at all. :man_shrugging:


The importance of line breaks…



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