Report of Earl Grey tea intoxication in The Lancet (2002)

I drink Earl Grey all day. I make pots of it to drink as cold/iced tea during the day and drink a pot of it hot most mornings. Have done for years. Happily this dreadful side effect seems to affect only some folks. Phew.

ETA almost exclusively Twinings. Costoc seels a UUUGE box of tea bags lol.

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Did he really need to keep drinking for 5 month?

memory is a weird thing. I have avoided Twinings (the stuff iin the yellow tin) since before 2008, when this paper was published. In 2009 they changed the recipe.

Was my recollection of the tea in this proveyer as not very redolent of bergamot accurate? I’ll never know, because Twinnings tweaked the recipe. In any case, my preference for a Earl Grey with strong notes of Bergamot could have exposed me to potentially toxic amounts without the need for a 4L/day habit.

I prefer Keemun, though, and cycle through varieties.

My recollection (perhaps from this BBS, initially) is that bergamot can interfere w/ the uptake of blood pressure meds. Grapefruit can do the same & then it dawned on me that they’re both citrus, & even taste similar to each other.

But I would’ve thought that the amount of whatever that substance is, would be negligible in a brewed cup (or even liter) of tea.

I’ll take the risk.

I know, that’s the sensible thing to do, but I love the smell. So I try every so often to see if I can endure it.

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What a shame. :hugs:

Shucks. From the headline I thought it would be a fun time, but Earl Grey tea intoxication doesn’t sound fun at all.

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