Report: Twitter planning "whisper mode"


This will end in tears.
This. What is the business model of social networking sites again? To aggregate, share, and sell data?

So, like sharing to select Google+circles instead of to the public or individuals.

Not that hard a concept, but I miss just calling it microblogging.

Genuinely excited to see who slips up and makes the first loud whisper to be heard around the world.

this is like what a private irc room?

I thought the main strengths of Twitter were that the model is so simple and that it encourages interaction with strangers.

If you want Facebook, then there is always Facebook.

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But, of course!

They do know The Onion is satire, right? :slight_smile:

I thought kids really did things like that in order to defeat school network blacklists.

My thought as well. I just wish that Facebook would pick up on the “make it easy to see and change the settings of who you’re sharing with.” Hopefully Twitter will see the disconnect between the ease of doing this on G+ and difficulty of doing it on Facebook, and go more towards G+'s style.

I kinda do this all the damn time. I have two Twitter accounts, a public one and a private one. So do a lot of my friends. It’s not uncommon to find myself replying to a tweet from a friend’s public account with the private one, because I want to say something not meant for the entire world to hear.

These private accounts all started out for talking about our sexytimes, but tend to very quickly lose focus and be for just ‘talking with friends instead of the world’. And occasionally sharing half-naked selfies and whatnot.

This is a real pain in the ass if you only use Twitter via their web interface, but usually insanely easy if you use an app.

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