Twitter to go public


Soon to follow the IPO:
censoring tweets that criticize Twitter or its advertisers.

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Quick! Get on the insider banker’s bandwagon and make millions!

  1. Be an Insider
  2. Have a million dollars.
  3. Be friends with the underwriting banker Tell the banker you will totally go to them when
    you do an IPO or you will at least invest your millions with them.
  4. The Banker underprices the stock. Say 15 dollars instead of 25. You
    get in at the 15 dollars.
    5 The stock pops to 30. You dump it and make millions.
  5. The Bankers and you pocket the extra 10 per share that should of gone to Twitter, but fuck them they are rich already.
    7 Watch the sucker/fish buy the stock at 30 or 40 hoping it will go up. It doesn’t.

8 Employees are locked in with Non-founders stock have their options underwater. Sorry suckers, but at least you have a job if not the millions that the bankers and their buddies got.instead of you.
9. Watch as Fish hang onto stock as it stays around 14-15.
10) Fish, finally sell out.
11) Facebook buys Twitter for 3 billion, incorporates it. You now “FaceTweet” your status.
12) World is not Facetweeted.


pre-8. Employees pay taxes on over-valued options.

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I would really like to see a microRSS format replace Twitter. Something decentralized and easy to feed as a side dish to a website or blog. It seems like it would be easy to incorporate into apps like TweetBot or HootSuite* as a baby step towards a set of viable open social networking standards.

I don’t know if anyone on the RSS advisory board is still out there but I’d love to hear what they think.

*edit: those might be the wrong app names, I’m thinking of 3rd party social readers.

I think all fine print should have to fit into one tweet.

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I’m hard pressed to think of anything you couldn’t duplicate with an XMPP client, and RSS server that receives and formats the XMPP, and an artificial character length limit. Except, of course (as with every network-effect situation) your friends and followers, past tweets, etc, etc.)

I wouldn’t be totally surprised if some of the tricks that Twitter has to use internally to keep up with their traffic on a relative shoestring are kind of neat; but there’s nothing but network effects that makes their exterior-facing messaging platform terribly interesting.

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Well, it was fun while it lasted.

Where do I sign?!!

The New Twitter Terms of Service are excited to promote positive brand engagement experiences, consumer!

I guess the raincoat’s coming off.

Twitter has revenue? From where?

Let me guess…The stock shares are hard capped at $140 and can’t go above that due to archaic technological constraints.

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What’s confidential about it if they tweeted it?

Form S-1 is a filing that doesn’t exactly fit into 140 characters…

My understanding is that Twitter meets some criteria or other than allow them to file the S-1 confidentially(why more, rather than less, secrecy in financial markets is a good thing is beyond me; but that’s why I’m not a Serious Expert I suppose); but nothing prevents them from making general statements about their plans.

Don’t they already have a side-feed, tweet widget that does essentially that?‎

Not too far off, apparently…

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