Reporter submits self to online slander sites to see how the scam works

Originally published at: Reporter submits self to online slander sites to see how the scam works | Boing Boing


So the persons running the reputation smearing sites are in cahoots with the reputation restoration sites. Shocked / not shocked.


Can you trick them into posting gossip about Russian or Colombian gangsters? Or, if you somewhat less bloddthirsty, about scientologists or Peter Thiel?


What needs to be done is to submit just about EVERYBODY’S name to these sites, so that pretty much everybody shows up on a Google search as a child molesting bank robbing wife beating con-artist diseased scumbag. In fact it should be a point of pride as to how much evil reputation you can acquire, worth extra points on LinkedIn or other pathetic bullshit sites. It would be a useful screening tool, anybody who takes it seriously is pretty obviously somebody too stupid to do business with.

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In all seriousness, I guess the best fix to this problem is to flood the sites with obviously silly and comical gripes about yourself (without complaining about the original gripe, so the site operators won’t be alerted to your efforts)

Genuine reputation managers will flood the net with positive content to bury the negative stuff, so it’s not an untested strategy.


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