Reporters at U.S. Capitol told they are not allowed to film interviews with senators in hallways

The GOP’s defense is that it hasn’t changed anything or added restrictions, but is just trying to get everyone in compliance with existing rules.
From The Hill article:
"…what happened earlier in the day was an “arbitrary enforcement of a rule that is against common practice”"

So now the uproar is being called proof of the ridiculous Fake News spread by the MSM. Nice play.

This is the problem with having rules on the books that aren’t (or in other cases can’t reasonably be) enforced. They’re just sitting there waiting for the authoritarian regime to come make use of them.

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Tweet from Sen. Sasse:

And background from WaPo reporter Dave Weigel:

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This is crying out for sending cartons of dead fish to the Congress people who support this policy.

Senate Republicans back off proposed restrictions on media


Send in the TMZ crews! They’ll ask the hard questions anyway.

Just came here to share that very link. :+1:


Yay! The headline is fixed!
Thank you!

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Well, at least the questions that make some people hard…

Considering that hardly any cameras use film anymore, I expect this to impact approximately nobody.



I’m curious, does anyone know under what authority was this done and then undone?

10.45am, Hungerford Bridge: Demonstration to demand Trolls for London Bridges:
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Global warming got rid of the snow covered hills you probably had to walk up, all we have now are these slippery slopes.

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…and is a crappy, pop-uppy mess of a site as well, but that’s what news sources are now, right?

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