Republican Congressmen, backed by airline money, kill research on legroom and passenger safety


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Congressmen who are anybody take private planes. Passenger jets are for the little people.


And the number of those little people who perish won’t even put a dent in the number of Republican voters, so there’s no justice in the universe.


I’ve personally ridden coach next to one congressman in the past.



Here’s an advance look at a plane under development for next generation of travelers. The wings have not yet been tacked on.


But look at the access to the view as you travel in style!

[Note Sarcasm]


I don’t know much about this legislation or the research it proposes, but it seems to me that emergency evacuations are one of many things that they should be concerned with. I would think that lack of legroom results in less mobility, which may increase the risk of DVTs or aggravate conditions like arthritis. In addition to certain health risks that affect everyone, decreasing legroom and shrinking seat widths seems like a discrimination issue that marginalizes people who are older, overweight, women who are breastfeeding, or those who have chronic health conditions.


It’s now a de facto requirement that members of Congress return to their home district every weekend, which means a whole lot of regular flying. Therefore strangling it in committee was crucial, as I bet there’d be enough Republicans in general willing to vote their personal self-interest here.


Idiocracy is coming to life. LOL we are all fucked. Leave now while you can.


Something something first against the wall


and there will be no further research to disprove it!


Are Democratic Politicians less openly venal than the Republican ones?


that brand has a truly modern atmosphere


I don’t know what the US numbers are but it is estimated that around 300 passengers a year die from DVT in the UK due to long cramped flights.

I would harbor a guess that the number in the US is larger since travel distances and time spent in seat is longer and we have a larger populace than the UK.


I read that in incidents where planes crash and there’s fire, you have 90 seconds to evacuate the cabin before the fire becomes hot enough to burn through the aircraft’s aluminum skin and incinerate the occupants. That works out to the 5 or 6 rows nearest the exit. This is because people are only capable of moving through the exit at a very limited rate. Unless they increase the number of emergency exits, more passengers HAS to mean more deaths and injuries. Not sure we even need a study to figure this out.

It will take a Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire type of incident to curb the increasing passenger density.


The queue for getting into Canada keeps getting longer each day. Maybe I should head south instead.


I don’t know about seat sizes, but the Illinois delegation sure has some big asses in it.



This has been my personal observation, yes. I’m not saying they’re not susceptible to bribery, oh no, but in terms of being openly and shamelessly asinine about it? Republicans win. They’re downright proud of it,


in America, democracy is an illusion that we all believe in.