Republican governor has plan to help women prepare dinner

Thank god we finally got rid of this in Washington. I still can’t believe people were fighting it JUST because costco backed it. “BUT A BIG COMPANY WANTS THIS TO HAPPEN SO IT MUST BE BAD”

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Amazingly, I have a nearly identical Glenwood oven. I’m plaining to have it restored.

Wicked cool and totally random to see it here.

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The photographic reproduction in the ad proves that it was not from 1839. Because it’s a photograph, and so it was not 1839.

yes, I find it annoying also when other people don’t plan ahead for me.

Oh touché! Yes it is a problem most people would like to have. But one presumes that everything is planned rather than spontaneous? As the choice of restaurant was spontaneous so too is the service, food etc and drinks or lack of them. I still don’t have to like that there was no alcohol available but I’m quite able to make the best of a situation and have fun without drinking and however good or bad the restaurant is. Due to parenting responsibilities we tend to eat out less than once a month so its become less, or more, of an issue depending on whether the kids have driven you drink or not.

I like that the oven is higher up in the design. I’m realizing that way too many everyday use items in my gf’s house (where I now live, too) are at shin level to me: the dishes, the glasses, the extra toilet paper, the flashlight drawer, my tools, the pots and pans, the coffee and tea, all due to her shortness and the layout of all the cupboards and desks. So, now that the whole shin level ‘system’ is suspect, I find any relief, even where it never bothered me before (e.g. oven) a delight. Put up pics when it’s done.

(Commencel general comments here pertaining to thread as a whole but too lazy to do the clicks):As for the senator in question-sounds like a dumbass and poor speaker. It’s one of those awkward moments where it could almost be a feminist statement, were it said by a person actually interested in promiting equity, but instead was just out of touch as hell.

Another interesting sidenote is the discussion on ABC stores and big gubbamint. Seems that the red states I’ve lived in were MORE likely to have ABC stores, assumidly because of compromises with teetotaling christian churches with clout at the time when dry counties dampened back up. And this was even preferred to free markets. I think the Freedom angle only comes into play when the GOP is not in power; when they are it goes back to Morality.

xzzy already informed me.


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Whenever I get mad at Utah’s state run liquor stores I just remind myself it isn’t as bad as PA.

The things aren’t that terrible for consumers, but for bars/restaurants the system can be a nightmare.

Licensed restaurants in Utah have to buy their alcohol at full retail price at the store. To me that seems so much worse.

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