City commissioners approve shooting range/restaurant that serves booze


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Oh Florida. . . what would we do without you?


I dunno. That seems reasonable, and it’s not like you can’t just go out and drink and shoot in florida in the swamps (or that it isn’t a pretty big pasttime). Owner seems to have a plan in place.


If Florida did not exist, we would be forced to invent it.


Meh. Sounds like they are taking proper precautions. I imagine most people will shoot first, then grab a bite to eat, as I often do.


Shoot first, eat later? Achievement Unlocked Proper game hunting technique :smiley:


Guns and booze?

But to fair, it does look like they are trying to take measures to make sure people who are drunk can’t then go out and shoot off a few rounds.


Jesus. I’m perfectly happy for my neighbor to own a belt-fed machine gun, but this is too much even for me.


Is it beer and wine only or can you go there to do shots?


So they’re taking precautions that even regular gun ranges don’t/can’t to check for drinking. But you went with the alarmist headline anyway. I mean, I clicked. It worked. But you should be a little bit ashamed of yourselves.


City commissioners approve shooting range/restaurant that serves booze

Sounds pretty factual to me, actually.

As does the article. What exactly are you objecting to?



Do they allow me to shot gun a beer?

(When you poke a hole in a beer can and chuck it all out in one well swoop.)


Florida men approve shooting range/restaurant that serves booze

Fixed it.


I understand what you’re saying, but the headline is factually true isn’t it? IMHO, sometimes the brevity demanded by the nature of headlines makes this sort of thing inevitable.


Relying entirely on a computer system to ensure a drunk is not handling a firearm. Good thing computer software never ever has bugs.


Actually, upgrading the ordinance might make this plan safer…
The problem with dinky little guns is that people can fire them without support; so drunks are free to fire them in the wrong direction, at one another, and so on.

If you go with something heavier, you can keep that in check just by using a mount that limits the range of motion and thus the area of fire.

In fact, you could just have pintle mounts right on the bar, for ultimate shooting/drinking convenience.


You want the “set 'em up; knock 'em down” special(half price on Wednesdays). A round of shots and a round of targets for one low price.


I’ve gotta shoot first and then ask questions?
That doesn’t make sense. Give me another beer.


That could be fun! And safe, indeed.

And guaranteed to rile up the hoplophobic crowd, for additional amusement.