Florida man dislikes sea turtles, shoots a volunteer protecting their nest


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Alright, Florida Man. I see what you’ve done here: try to take the focus off the turtles and make it all about the BUTTS.

On a (slightly) more serious note, let me point out the following:
The man assaulted was an ex-marine.
The man assaulted was shot with his own gun.
Things seem to have gone well, then…

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Along the lines of the saying “Don’t bring a knife to a gun fight” I’d like to propose the following:
Don’t bring a gun to a fight with a crazy person.
Actually, maybe just “Don’t fight a crazy person”
Don’t go to Florida



This vet is a goddamn hero lol. Protecting our country beyond his service. I can’t believe that moron shot him. With his own gun.


And then the dude flips out after he shot our vet hero… the shooter asked him if he was okay… to which the awesome Marine/turtle protector said:

"Sir, you shot me. How could I be OK?" Pannaman replied.


But, not the zombie turtles!


battery on a person 65 or older

There’s age limits on crimes?


Florida Man, Florida Man, Florida Man hates turtles, man /
Shot a Vietnam vet, right in the butt, going to jail, Florida man.


why were they guarding sea turtles with a firearm??? were they expecting U-boats?


Who hates turtles? Especially cute sea turtles?

Was it this guy?


Only in Florida would you find a guy protecting a turtle nest with a gun.


Florida is the only pro-global warming argument I can agree with.


I would agree, but I have family down there now so…


They can just move a little further up into GA. We got some beautiful coastline just north of florida that I’d highly recommend! :wink:


Only in Florida would turtle nests need to be protected with a gun.


seriously… who gets that worked up about letting turtles do their thing??


yes, U-Boats with ze Germans in them.


who is the most powerful, FloridaMan or Gentleman?


I am pretty sure this guy was just your standard CCWer. Which means they usually carry where ever they go. It wasn’t like he brought it anticipating trouble with the turtles. If he did, he would have brought a shot gun to get rid of evil sea gulls.

But where he made his mistake was assuming the person who attacked him was rational and wouldn’t lunge after him. If he felt threatened enough to pull his weapon, he should have kept it out until the guy either left or the cops were called. But contrary to the belief CCWers are just itching to be Rambos, blasting bad guys, most of them carry for protection as a last resort.

So yeah, he made a mistake, but let’s not victim blame. I mean, he spent his day helping baby turtles.

ETA - one fun fact about sea turtles, if you rub their chin it calms them down and they stop wiggling.


All the way down?