Republican lawmaker expelled from Oregon legislature after helping armed raiders enter state capitol

Color me SHOCKED that other Republicans didn’t put party over state.


Nearman in the prison lunch room watching TV in a couple years:
“See, I told you I would be on Jeopardy. Checkmate, libs.”


Goodbye GIF


From the article:

County commissioners in Benton, Marion, Polk, and Yamhill counties will be responsible for choosing a Republican to fill out the rest of Nearman’s term, which expires in 2022.

Are they allowed to choose Nearman himself? [I’m assuming / hoping not.]

What happens if he is so chosen or if he runs again in 2022 and wins? Does the Oregon legislature have the authority to refuse to admit him?

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If your name is a question on ‘Jeopardy’, either something has gone fantastically right or horribly, horribly wrong with your life.


It’s not like Nearman even lied about aiding the invasion, this other GOP Rep. is only mad he lied about there being more video evidence. Oregon GOP were gonna pretend it was a partisan expulsion or whatever if there was “only” video of him participating, then footage came out of him leading a strategy session…


Oh they wanted to. Hadn’t condemned when he let in the insurgents, only when it also came out that he planned and strategized with them too.


By simultaneously serving and being barred from serving at the same time, he will become the first Heisenrepresentative.


I was willing to concede that, to my surprise, Republican Oregonians apparently had some amount of integrity, until coming across that quote that makes it all make sense. They were willing to go along with his punishment because he made them look stupid.

To be fair though, that usually doesn’t meet the threshold for abandonment since Trump, Gohmert, Cruz, etc have made the Republicans look stupid for a long time.


That doesn’t match the reality of the situation here. The gop in Oregon said early on they agreed with his sentiment but he absolutely had to go because of the danger his actions put everyone in.

They gave him the benefit of the doubt that he just did something stupid but didn’t have ill intent. They still thought he needed to be ejected and sent him notes for weeks.

Then the video came out, and that erased even the light support he had for “wanting to do the right thing but choosing the wrong way.”

It’s actually kind of weird to see the gop in Oregon here agree almost universally with the Dems on anything, so it was shocking to me that they did nearly from day one on this


I am truly surprised that any republicans voted to oust one of their own.


The vote was 60 to 1. He was the only one to vote against his ousting. He got nuclear cancelled. There’s no coming back from that.


republicans dont understand Darwinism or social Darwinism and are deeply confused when karma comes back to bite them

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I’m honestly shocked the rules allowed him to vote on the matter himself.


They very much understand it, at least social darwinism. It has fuck all to do with Karma. Social Darwinism is a set of racial beliefs they are very much in agreement with and Darwinism is a set of scientific theories of how life developed on earth, which they very much reject.


But, But, he was only “hypothetically speaking”, Who knew it would actually happen the way he said it “might” in the video?

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