Republican lawmaker convicted of raping intern

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I do hope the “Jane Doe” is getting the support they need. As for Mr. Von Shit-Stick, you Sir can rot in hell where you belong.


Unfortunately, several Idaho legislators doxxed and blamed the victim.


Vote Republican never made sense, and these days it just a vote for a future criminal or a past criminal that just hasn’t been caught yet.


There’s a cynical joke to be made about allowing felons to vote, but I can’t quite put my finger on it.


Under what possible circumstances could a case of rape only justify a sentence of one year? Absolutely shocked.


Those kind of sentences are absolutely common, especially for white men in the power structure. :woman_shrugging: That’s the patriarchy for ya… You want real consequences for these kinds of crimes, then support dismantling these kinds of privileges that men (especially white men) enjoy. Otherwise, this will continue on.


I commend the jury for convicting despite the lack of victim testimony - it really shouldn’t be necessary. Plenty of crimes for which there’s no victim testimony and no one expects it, and that should be normalized for sexual assault cases, too.


There’s a Republikkkan involved: both the Law and God are on their side, because they’re God’s chosen, and they make the laws.
Personally, I think that God, if She actually exists, is just biding Her time - give ‘em enough rope, etc.


Oh no, surely Qanon will be appalled by this…


In the Bible God made a covenant not to flood the Earth again. So perhaps God just “nudged” some politicians into letting global warming run amuck so that He or She could keep Their word while still washing away the people who are doing Satan’s work like this rapist.

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In Idaho, everything is up to the judge.

PUNISHMENT FOR RAPE. Rape is punishable by imprisonment in the state prison not less than one (1) year, and the imprisonment may be extended to life in the discretion of the District Judge, who shall pass sentence

Section 18-6104 – Idaho State Legislature


Or more likely they’ll say it’s the MSM who framed him for going after the REAL rapists.


“wHy fOcuS oN tHiS wHeN the DemOcrAts are tHe oNes sECrETlY TrAfFicKiNg ChiLdrEN?”


CONVICTED - that’s the word we need to see more of, godfuckingdamnit!


It’s better when it goes with “sentenced to many years in jail.” Too many convicted rapists end up with minimal sentences handed down, so as not to “ruin the life” of the poor attacker.


I can’t strike that comment from my memory

I can’t strike the disgust and anger against these men


Circumstances where the carceral system brazenly admits it doesn’t work and lengthy sentences don’t actually exist to provide justice or protection for victims but to disenfranchise, enslave, and destroy marginalized (especially Black) people?

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Just to try to understand if this was uncharacteristic, and if indeed he was religious, I did 30 seconds of googling and this came up:

The misdemeanors all occurred in Clearwater County, where von Ehlinger grew up. They date back 25 years, to a 1996 charge for driving an unregistered motorcycle when he was 14. They also include a 2009 careless driving arrest; a 2011 charge for possession of drug paraphernalia with intent to use; and a 2013 reckless driving complaint.

He pled guilty to all of the offenses and paid the relevant fines. The drug charge was dismissed after he completed a six-month probation; he also served three days in jail for the reckless driving offense.

“The commission asked why he wanted to receive a pardon on these misdemeanors,” notes the pardon report. “He stated he is a different person than the one who committed the misdemeanors, and he is a law-abiding citizen and God-fearing man, and would just like to receive a pardon.”

A different person huh?

I’ve rarely heard of jail time for reckless driving, it must have been egregious.

It’s pathetic how the GOP takes these budding criminals and puts them on the ballot to push their fascist laws. This happens over and over again.


“Well, your Honor, I used to be a bad driver and a drug offender. Now I’m a rapist. You could say that I’ve really turned my life around.”