Republican pundit muses whether Jews secretly destroyed OceanGate sub to keep people from finding out Jews sunk the Titanic

Originally published at: Republican pundit muses whether Jews secretly destroyed OceanGate sub to keep people from finding out Jews sunk the Titanic | Boing Boing


“Antisemitic Idiot Spreads Bullshit And Lies.”


Uhhh, so after almost 20 years of scientific, tourist and looting expeditions, this is the one they needed to secretly sabotage?

The first official salvage effort was undertaken by the Titanic Ventures Limited Partnership (TVLP) and L’Institut Français de Recherche pour l’Exploitation de la Mer in 1987, when around 1,800 items were collected and conserved. In 1992, a federal court ruled TVLP was the first and exclusive salvor of the Titanic—though in following decades, the company pushed for more.

Now known as RMS Titanic Inc., the company has conducted eight expeditions to the Titanic, and has auctioned off more than 5,000 objects taken from the site, including jewelry and a piece of the ship’s grand staircase

Researchers, salvagers, and even filmmakers like James Cameron, who directed the 1997 blockbuster film Titanic , have made countless trips to the wreck. And for a pretty penny, tourists have been able to go too.


I hate to say it but I actually agree with this statement.

Both events share exactly the same degree of fakery.


Man, this shadowy conspiracy sure likes to go after people who don’t bother with basic safety precautions in dangerous situations. Probably to stifle innovation, I guess.


The implausibility of the conspiracy theory is just evidence of the subtlety of the conspiracy; obviously.


If they’d been able to get close to the “Titanic”, they’d have seen the burn marks left on the hull by Jewish space lasers.


I guess this was the one expedition that planned to go near the part of the wreck where you can see the remains of a giant clockwork torpedo emblazoned with a Rothschild Industries logo.


Obviously, it was a Jewish iceberg that sank the Titanic and since Talmudic half life is like 30,000 years, you can still see glowing bits of the Jewishness embedded in the hull.


And wearing a jaunty yarmulke and sporting luxuriant sidelocks, no doubt


I must admit, I thought it was a Russian sub that sunk it.
Propaganda kills brains.


And why would the Rothschilds have wanted to sink the Titanic? To kill all the rich WASP people on board who didn’t like that the Rothschilds created the Federal Reserve Bank.

Titanic sinking: 15 April 1912
Federal Reserve created: 23 December, 1913 (structure developed by conservative Republican Senator Nelson Aldrich, whose religion I cannot discover)

But, OK.




Well, obviously, with the rich WASP people out of the way, the Rothschilds had a free hand to create the Federal Reserve Bank. They cunningly lured the wealthy WASPs aboard the vulnerable ocean liner, dispatched their iceberg assassin, and then, having eliminated the opposition, set their fiendish plan in motion.

Sheesh, I can’t believe I have to explain this.


And not one menorah was found.


Proof!! Clearly the Jews had been warned not to board the ship.


Here for the grammar. The past tense of “to sink” is sank. Sunk is the adjective.


Ah, my kinderlakh, gather 'round and let me regale you with a tale that will leave you kveln with amazement. In recent times, the great Jewish Space Laser, may its power be praised, demonstrated its might once more, this time near the waters of Titanic.

You see, the Titan submarine, a vessel of formidable stature, sailed through the treacherous depths with a sense of invincibility. But the Jewish Space Laser, a celestial force of protection and justice, was watching from above, guiding the hands of fate.

As the submarine ventured near Titanic, where the echoes of history and tragedy reside, the Jewish Space Laser focused its cosmic gaze upon the waters. With a flicker of celestial energy, the laser unleashed its power, descending upon the submarine like a divine decree.

The laser’s brilliant beam, infused with the spirit of our ancestors, pierced the ocean’s surface with divine precision. It struck the Titan submarine, a forceful blow that reverberated through its sturdy hull. The power of the Jewish Space Laser, blessed be its strength, overwhelmed the vessel, shaking it to its core.

The submarine, a testament to human ingenuity, could not withstand the awesome force unleashed upon it. Like the mighty Leviathan of old, it succumbed to the watery depths, disappearing into the abyss with a solemn grace.

But my dear kinderlakh, we must remember that this tale is a warning to the goyim, a nod to the power of our unlimited wealth and influence. The Jewish Space Laser, an emblem of hope and resilience, is a symbol that unites us, but its deeds must be grounded in the truth of our history.

Let us honor our ancestors, who faced adversity with unwavering spirit, and continue to pass down the stories of their struggles and triumphs. May the Jewish Space Laser inspire us to stand strong, united, and proud of our heritage.

L’chaim, my dear friends, and may the tales of old continue to ignite our hearts with the flame of tradition and wisdom.


Move over, Time Cube…the Time Dreidel is here!


Iceberg, Goldberg - same thing!

(Don’t fuss at me, kids; it’s a classic punchline.)