Republican Senator caught making up fake news about fake news doubles down


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Two pranksters clearly tied to Russian entities?

If you dig deep enough, many US citizens have ties to Russian entities. I’d say 10% of my Instagram followers are fellow oil painters from Russia. We like to trade state secrets about alla prima methods.


Of all the people pretending that the Kremlin isn’t further poisoning the already toxic U.S. media sphere or that the Russians are doing it on behalf of both sides, Lankford has earned himself a distinctive “useful idiot” status.


The USA seems incredibly easy to trip up.


He isn’t a prankster. He’s a fascist propagandist.

This sort of shitposting is how a lot of the fake-left accounts work.


I think you meant to respond to @knoxblox. I was talking about Lankford, who’s a Republican Senator (also a fascist propagandist, which may account for the confusion).


Whoops, mea culpa.

Yeah, I was referring to Krebs and Esteb.

Lankford isn’t a fascist propagandist, he’s a fascist legislator (who does some propaganda on the side, badly).


So, this Senator Lankford is concerned about Russian trolls, but I’ll bet dollars to donuts he is in complete denial regarding Trumps collusion with Russia to steal our elections. As the Chinese say, We truly live in ‘interesting times’.


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