Republicans want to let robocallers spam your voicemail

The Republican National Committee is backing a petition that would allow political campaigns and businesses to leave automated messages on your voicemail, without your phone having to ring.


well that is better than having to answer that shit. not much though. easier to just go NOPE to anyway.


So we’ll need a separate “Do not voicemail” list.


I’m on the Do Not Call list for a reason– I don’t want robocalls from anyone. (Not that it stops them all, but still.) And my phone belongs to me, not the Republicans. They do NOT have my permission to use my voice mail as they see fit. Are they going to pay for the airtime it takes to listen to delete the messages? Or compensate me for any valid messages I may miss because my mailbox is filled with their [expletive deleted] spam? This is outrageous!!!

…so they’re probably going to do it anyway, aren’t they. -sob-


It’s as if they are going out of their way to be as evil, hateful, and obnoxious as they can in every aspect of life.


I get plenty of political calls anyways, DNC list be damned. Many states exempt political calls from the DNC list.

But of course, the FCC is powerless to stop the scammers anyways. So even if it was illegal, they’d do it anyways.


I think that’s already happening. At least, it is to me. In fact, this helps me understand what I’ve been experiencing. I was wondering what the heck was going on!


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