Rescued labradoodle helps Army vet cope with PTSD in ways drugs and therapy could not



Awesome find Xeni! As a rescuer of dogs and also having a PTSD suffering Vietnam Vet in my extended family, I’ve seen firsthand how my dogs can help put a troubled soul at ease. Thank you.


Sounds like a great organization to donate to:

First, people suck. Why would a labradoodle ever need rescuing? They are near the top of the list of the cutest dogs around. Second, Skip is doing exactly what he was born to do: love. Fully, completely, unconditionally.

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Thank you so much for posting this! I’m from Tennessee and we rarely make any kind of national news unless someone does something crazy! I thought it was interesting that what hooked him was that the dog needed help! He started by helping the dog and it ended with each rescuing the other. Very cool.

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Dogs must be unique in nature for their ability to help humans during times of emotional difficulty. A lot of it must have to do with their uncanny ability to read people’s emotions and respond appropriately. We’re lucky to have them around.

Gives real meaning to the bumper sticker I’ve seen for dog rescues: “who saved who?”

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I read a book in the ninties—it was a feel-good, pop-sci type of book, though—which claimed that certain wolves and certain anthropoids actually co-evolved into dogs and humans, i.e. we’re programmed to understand/have empathy for each other. seems dubious, and naturally it was a borrowed book whose title i don’t recall; but hey, that’s what i read.

but my big buddy saved me, i know this for certain.


Symbiotic relationships exist all over the animal and plant kingdom. It could be true. You never know. :slight_smile:

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