Domestic violence even impacts puppies

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I saw this elsewhere yesterday and it really broke my heart. Were i in the position to help buy a ticket for the puppy to keep them together i would have. Fuck people that mistreat partners in relationships and fuck people that would dare mistreat an animal or pet. I hope that the puppy and the person that left the abusive relationship are ok.


Dogs suffer in silence, horrific.


This is sad.
On the up side Chewy is famous now and will get adopted or re-united with his mom I expect.


Well this just further ruined my already-ruined day.


Yeah, I don’t see this dog and owner being separated for long. The amount of charity required seems trivial for the internet, especially given all the animal lovers that inhabit it. In fact I suspect the owner will probably get to enjoy a surplus of donations.

Assuming contact can be made.


sending you some extra happiness i had just lying around…


From the article i read yesterday i don’t believe anyone knows who the original owner is. And that the puppy was already underway for potentially getting adopted.

However i would prefer to see the pup and owner reunited.

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I should hope the internet CAN’T find the owner-- if the internet can find her, so can the abusive ex-boyfriend.


I thought so as well, though there’s ways to get in touch with them and keep particular details private. Still i really hope that they are well or that they will be able to find themselves in a better place.


In a way it could have been worse; Chewy could have actually made it onto a UNITED aircraft.


The problem with getting the owner reunited with her dog is, how can you do that without her revealing her current address, which puts her at risk of being found by the abusive ex?


Hi Y’all; looong time lurker here; I’ve just joined for this topic.

There are organizations in a number of countries/states/provinces that will house/foster pets of victims of domestic violence. They are usually sponsored by local S.P.C.A.s and veterinarian associations,and often known as “safe haven” programs. This is an aknowledgement that victims of DV often stay in abusive situations longer than they should for fear their pet(s) might be harmed and don’t want to leave them behind, and that the animals themselves are at risk of harm.

Here’s a link for the U.S.;

In Canada, it seems that the program is organized and administered province by province by the vet associations, and referrals are often done through vet’s offices, but this can vary from province to province, for example, Ontario

This site seems to have some international links;

If you know of anyone in this kind of situation, direct them to some of these sites, or use search terms like “safe haven” “pets” “domestic abuse/violence” “your location” and you may come up more possible links


Here take these!! It’s dangerous to go sober!


I checked out the link to the shelter where Chewy is staying and I could barely decipher what they were saying. Intentionally misspelled words and lousy grammar drive me nuts.

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Chihuahuas are such annoying pets in real life. With a disposition like an angry rodent at times. But dammit, they are so adorable to look at.

Especially the puppies.

Am I an asshole for saying there must have been better options than leaving the dog in an airport bathroom and hoping a decent person found him and adopted him or got him to a shelter?

I understand that Chewy’s person was in a horrible situation and wanted to do right by him, and of course I hope she makes it to a better place.

Not an asshole for wishing there had been a better option. I used to travel with a pet regularly and the owner was probably completely surprised by the pet carry-on fee. I know I was the first time. I think it’s around $100 these days.


Ah. That makes sense.

Yeah, most likely the person had to leave right then. May not have had the time to get someone to pick up the dog and take it to a shelter, or take it themselves. I imagine it was a moment of desperation that they decided that they just had to make their flight, and left the dog behind and it’s just so sad to imagine having to go through all of that. Even if it was somewhat of an irresponsible thing to do i can only hope that the owner and the pup both end up in better situations.