Salon discourages good samaritans from returning lost pets to their owner


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Sheesh… Who doesn’t see a dog wandering around and automatically think, “Nothing to worry about. He probably just took the bus.”


I know a domesticated dog who hangs out at a park and hikes the trails with strangers. He wears tags that state something like “I live here, I am not lost. Do not take me”. Sweetest dog… he once hung out with me under my tent vestibule during some rain.

I think the careless Salon writer was just trying to be funny.




Here’s a real news flash: accidents will happen to even the most responsible, careful people. When something happens those people will want nothing more than to be reunited with their dogs. They may offer a reward, but the truth is there is no reward big enough to express how they feel. And I know from experience that some dogs become very attached to the people they live with, and the joy the dog feels at being reunited is probably at least comparable to how the person feels.

Or maybe I’m just an idiot.


To be fair, Salon’s business model is “Just Trollin’!”


And this is a perfect encapsulation why I hate reading blog / news site hybrid stuff a la Gawker, Salon, Buzzfeed, etc etc etc. The rise of the snarkbait school of almost-journalism drives me mad. (now if only I could end my addiction to them, ugh. I am my own worst enemy.)

The sheer, unfiltered condescension and smugness (and weird myopia in this case) apparent in many articles like this are a far cry from the tone of conversation had by most actual adult human beings.

One of my least favourite blog title foibles - adding, “No,” before a headline that contradicts a previously-believed point or fact. ie “No, That Thing you Think ISN’T Right: Here’s Why”

It places the author in a position so high above ALL their readers, that it’s obnoxiousness is near-unparalleled in the world of the written word.

Built into it is the assumption that EVERYONE reading the article holds the same wrong opinion / believes the same incorrect fact, or just otherwise is too dumb or ill-informed to be allowed to proceed with their lives without this specific author coming to their aid like a condescending parent, and setting the poor, addle-minded reader on the right path.

Aw, thanks, twenty-something blogger with an ego the size of Missouri. What would I do without you? Have a slightly nicer day? Oh, okay. I think I’ll go do that instead. Byeeee! I’m gonna go read a newspaper where no one treats me like a sugar-addled five year old that needs a talking-to.


And that’s why the @vonbobo-described case with the explanation on the dog’s tag/collar is possibly the best approach.

And because accidents happen, it may be even better to list the area where the doggie is known-good, and ask to return the dog only if strayed significantly from that zone.


I personally have Mother Jones on speed dial so in case I don’t know how I should feel about something, they can tell me.

Then again, according to most of these sites, I’m a psychopathic baby killer frequently masturbating to Ayn Rand while screaming at an Obama poster. Well, there’s Wednesday sorted!! :smile:

Think I’ll go do a Tumblr cleanse…

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WTF kind of assholes suggests something like that?

I’ve tried more than once to rescue what is possibly a lost dog. Nearly every time they run away though. I keep a tennis ball in my car now to see if I can lure them over.

I did find two dogs out in a busy area of town. One was maybe a pit mix and the other a golden retriever. Both of them were great dogs and played with our dog fine. We found the owner about a day later. They had made a hole in their fence. He apologized for the inconvenience, tried to pay us for food, and told us his kids will be ecstatic to have them back.

Shit happens and dogs have a mind of their own. Even owners who take prudent measures can lose their pets.


Well said!

Edit: Would have :heart:ed, but I’m on a cool down.

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I mean really, aren’t we ALL psychopathic baby killers frequently masturbating to Ayn Rand while screaming at an Obama poster? I mean, right? Thank god we have a certain subset of bloggers out there to remind us all.

God I love BoingBoing. even when we disagree, I still feel like I’m being spoken to like a human with a brain and stuff.


Thank you very much!
-tips cap-

Take your ease… Words are better than heart icon thingies anyway. :slight_smile:

That said, I still totally hearted your reply. I’m complicated like that.

No, you’re not an idiot.

Even though some threads go widely off the rails on BB, at the end of the day this is a bastion of civility… and thats rare these days online.

I would like to subscribe to this newspaper, what is it?

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I met a cat named ‘Kevin’ in Paris that was super friends and desperate for me to open a locked door for him, meowing, headbutting me, reaching his paws up to the handle, etc. He had a tag on that said ‘Kevin’ - hence the name, but on the other side were 5 numbers, and the door had a keypad entry. And yup, those five numbers unlocked the door Kevin wanted to go in. So I unlocked it and let Kevin inside.

Animals are awesome.

That all said, as the keeper of two small dogs; I hate people that drop their dogs off at the dog park instead of going to the park with their dog. 1) that dog isn’t cleaning up its own poop and 2) the misbehaving, unsocialized, aggressive dogs always seem to be human free… I wonder why that is? >:(


It’s a thing my wife has delivered to our home so she can stay sane and continue to be an adult that doesn’t shout at computer screens.

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Oh, I yell at newspapers too. More so, if anything. I come from the Land of the Daily Mail…