Minutes after adopting dog, owner tries to sell it on craigslist


Jesus wept.

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Who’s the real animal here?

Not only unethical and reprehensible, also stupid:

  • Humane Societies do follow-ups to check on the animal’s well-being in the new home;

  • shelter animals are now routinely micro-chipped;

  • if they had waited until a day after the return policy at the Humane Society, they could have had plausible deniability.

It’s a full-blown epidemic in some circles.


I don’t doubt that (despite what she claims about having second thoughts) she intended to resell the dog all along. There is a huge scene of people who scout out “bargains” and try to flip them for a profit. I’m sure this always existed (I knew people who were rare record dealers long before ebay or discogs), but the internet and economic downturn have created an explosion of underground amateur profiteers, who have no qualms taking advantage of a non-profit group.


this just means that the humane society isn’t charging enough for adoptions. learn to use price signals, you socialists!

sure they might have to destroy more dogs, but that’s okay because they’re just property anyway. what’s important is economic efficiency. maybe if they learned how to play the game, they could stop begging for donations.

oops, sorry! the name Sally Mae threw me off. this is about a dog, not a privatized student loan corporation. don’t know how that slipped by me; whew, how embarrassing! by all means, animal welfare is a worthwhile goal. education on the other hand, is a luxury and/or liberal brain-washing scheme. i’ll be more sensitive in the future.

It is how Harvard gets such high rates of return on its investments

We’ve already blown a bubble in the housing market. Dog bubble, anyone?

“The animal community is up in arms.”.
Yeah I hear hippopotamuses are actually starting a draft.


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