Pizza boxes advertise shelter dogs for adoption

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That’s just brilliant!


What flavor were those pizzas again…and why is there hair in mine?




There are all kinda’ dogs for all kinda’ reasons.
My kinda’ dogs all have some pittie in 'em.
Like the charmers on the boxes.

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I have mixed feelings about this. Many rescue dogs have their problems and need an experienced owner, or at least someone ambitious and willing to spend a lot of time on them. Ads like this encourage impulse decisions, especially if you have kids deciding that they want that cute puppy. I worry that shelter is going to get a lot of returns once people realize just how much work it is to raise a dog. I hope they screen their buyers properly to make sure they know what they are getting into and that they get a dog suitable for their needs, not just the one that looks cute.


I dunno. I suspect that many a person that simply goes to a shelter acts like this anyways. Me, I just picked up strays and brought them home. I was the king of: It followed me home, can I keep it?? The last dog I had, I literally had to pick it up and carry it home. It was scared out of its mind after being abandoned by the school yard. Uh, it’'s been cats since then.

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I used to volunteer at animal shelter in SoCal. Their screening was very extensive . At one point, they insisted that an adult work from home OR not work at all, which is why I parted ways with them.

However, I’ve had friends adopt from various other shelters. Yes, these four other shelters did their due diligence. The application process was lengthy and comprehensive for each of them, and three of four friends had home visits. Shelters these days in CA operate so much differently than 10-20 years ago.


While I’d never adopt a dog just to get a deal on pizza and wings, I can vouch that as a place to be getting a deal on pizza and wings from Just Pizza is a good place.


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