Watch a rescue Husky make an incredible recovery

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Excuse me, I have something in my eye. A lot of somethings. :sob::sob::sob:


Who’s a good boy? You’re a good boy!
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How was that dog still alive? Such a stunning transformation, that dog’s will to live and thrive is awesome.


Touching story. My mind kept going back to “How could someone let this happen to their dog?” It’s criminal.


I´m happy that this dog has now a loving home and has made a recovery.
A curse upon his former owners, those people should be prosecutet for cruelty to animals. Maybe they should also check on their children if they have any. People that are cruel to animals are almost always also cruel to other human beings.

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I am literally in tears while laughing at his happy outcome as well.

I am generally a peaceful person but I would like to see whoever caused this to receiver the same neglect and starvation. There are times when the punishment needs to fit the crime and I am fine with vengeance under circumstances such as this.

Me, too!

This story is also a great reminder that you can help out by fostering animals from your local shelter, if you have the space and time.
I just started a couple months ago and it’s been a very rewarding roller coaster. The shelter provides everything you need - food, medications, pet carriers, etc. You get to help out the shelter by freeing up space for other animals, and help out the animals by giving them a more sociable and comfortable resting place than the shelter.
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