Injured coyote pup gets a sweet pep talk from rescuer

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It brings a smile to my face to see humane humans who treat animals with empathy rather than anthropomorphization, all the more so wild animals.


but he dead tho


From what I read of the follow up to this, it was the flea bath that more or less was the final blow that killed the poor thing. If you find a distressed wild creature that needs medical care, just make it comfortable and get it to an actual vet as soon as possible.

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And yes, poor fella didn’t make it. :frowning:


Out of context, this is a cute video. Adorable animal, amusing banter. Everyone smiles. And then everything pops into a different perspective when I discover that hes chatting up an animal he’s already (accidentally) killed. Which pisses me off, now Im watching an adorable snuff film.

Maybe the standard should be, show the animal being re-released into the wild first, and then get into all the amusing back-story. Romanticizing abuse of wild animals, just encourages more abuse. Kinda like rape jokes that way.


Quite a buzzkill visiting these comments. I just watched the bath and original capture videos and it was all rainbows and unicorns around here. Now I find out it is just the normal shit sandwich.


While these videos are quite sad in the long run, the person who did the rescue did their best for the poor little coyote.

And at least the community who visits this website, and probably others, have learned a bit about what is not a good idea when dealing with an animal that needs rescuing.

There is a decent chance that poor pup had a better end than it would have had if he had never found it.

Mistakes and all, that person has made this world a better place in some tiny tiny way.


good thing I read the comments first. cant and wont watch the vids after that. @xeni; update might be an idea.


I like these botany videos.

“Just look at this stamen and shit!”

It’s actually pretty good stuff. :+1:

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…and then it ate his cat.

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