Abandoned coyote pup gets the care it deserves

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We have what appears to be a healthy coyote population around our 'hood. They seem to regularly dine on pet cats, which helps the local birdlife, I imagine.


Sadly, comments on the post say the pup died before he could even get it to help. At least it didn’t die alone.


Yeah, that pup had a pretty advanced case of distemper by the time he found it.

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Bathing it was apparently the key mistake – perhaps that’s a good take-home bit of knowledge beyond simply finding out that the pup didn’t make it, for those of us finding outselves in a similar situation.


I like how he say s"We’ve established I’m not gonna eat you, you’re under weight."

That wouldn’t instill trust in me :grin:


His video of him shoo-ing a rattlesnake off a road is awesome. The one sided dialog with the animal is very, very funny.


De-escalation skills, five out of five stars


So, um, all the best human moments are now public?
I see that as a loss.
I’m a little sad now.

Comments say there is an article accompanying the vid explaining how and when the pup died. I can’t find it. Anyone else?

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For what it is worth, when rescuing canines, stop sticking your one big giant eye directly in its face and try not to lock your regular, typically two, smaller eyes on to its eyes either.

Eye contact is a threat gesture to canines, looking away signals you are not a threat.


That’s pretty sad but yeah at least he tried to get it help, it’s not much of a consolation but trying is still better than leaving a pup out to die alone.

The story behind the voice is pretty great too:


I’m not really sure what you mean. Are you sad that people are able to post videos of acts of kindness, and see that was a loss?


Yeah, I kinda do.
People aught do what they want in these regards.
It’s just, that that’s not his moment any more.

I keep stuff to myself…
I guess many people do.


Yeah, we had a pack of coyotes move into the area behind our house. At first I was worried. They’re loud, and they sound like partying, laughing teenagers. But then the skunks and outdoor cats disappeared and I was very happy.

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This is bleeping great!

Saw one on my ride in to work today. He/she was trotting along the road, then turned into a driveway. Looked alert, well-fed and happy.

We’ve seen them boldly crossing our path once every month or so, in the evening and the wee hours of the morning. They’ve decidedly looked sadly thinner over the past few years (perhaps having to do with the – up until recently – drought).