Watch: Cyclist finds nearly dead puppy, works frantically to bring it back to life


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Good people are out there, proof provided in clip.


I don’t think my grinchy heart can take watching the video




Obviously the cyclist was neither a Levite nor a priest.


I’m happy this guy was there and knew what to do (and did it). But I’m not watching that.


The video is instructive


Definitely thought the little doggo was gone at first. So happy to see it wobble-walking around at the end. But, yes, what happens next?


The youtube user who posted the video says the puppy is doing well.




the reason there is no update as that was not a puppy…it was a demodog.

***** all joking aside, it is an amazing thing this guy did. I hope he took that pup in.


That’s a point for the Good team right there :hugs:


Rebuttal Tweet from the Bad team:

“Loser puppy who couldn’t pull himself up by his bootstraps like I did. Liberal who helped him wasted his time. Sad!”


That dog don’t hunt.


Puppy needs warmth fast. Hope he wrapped the pup and popped him in his jacket to help revive after video ended.

Weird someone is standing feet away merrily fishing.


Like the song says, they aren’t much fun. :cry:


I am really glad I waited till the end of the day to watch this.



Yes, at the end of the video, I was like, “Pick her up, Goddammit!”


Happy/sad here. Happy doggo is doing well, sad because my own efforts doing the same for a kitty many years ago were ultimately for naught. Think I’ll have a drink now. :confused:


It is of course sad that the cat didn’t make it, but you tried. You did what you could do. Trying to save the cat was a heroic action in my book.

It’s entirely possible the cat sensed, at whatever level it was at, that you were there for it.

You rock.