Watch: Cyclist finds nearly dead puppy, works frantically to bring it back to life

awww that is the nicest thing they’ve ever said. They didn’t even use “libtard”… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


There goes humanity reminding me not to lose all hope just yet.


it’s true, I can feel them out there, just waiting. to do good stuff.


The best I could find to give a little more on the story was this December 1st article from here:

Badly translated via Google. But it seems to say the dog is back with its siblings. I think?

7 minutes to revive West Boy’s water puppy
01/12/2017 11:37 GMT + 7

_While fishing, Hoang Minh salvaged a small dog drowned. With the boy’s persistence and skill, the dog has resurrected. The touching story about the tireless effort that many people admire. _

In a video clip of more than eight minutes posted on Youtube, a young man salvaged a drowning dog, continually performing first aid movements for seven minutes. The miracle happened at the last minute when the little dog woke up and walked.

In just a few hours, the social network spreads the moving clip that chronicles the enduring effort of young men to save a puppy from drowning.

_That young man was Hoang Minh, born in 1997, from Binh Dai, Ben Tre, the owner of the clip and also who saved the dog, said the incident took place at noon on November 28, Thua Duc. _

While fishing with some friends, Hoang Minh discovered the little dog floating on the water should be picked up. But feeling the dog’s warm body, he thought the incident had just taken place, so try first aid to help the dog live again.

In the clip was the network propaganda, Minh made the movements quite mastered, mastered in 7 minutes. He wipes dry to keep the dog cool, clean the oral cavity to remove the object if there is, upside down the dog and massage the abdomen to push the water out.

Minh plastic bottle to cut the bottom to blow choking. At this time the dog had a stronger breathing response.

Seeing the positive signal, the 20-year-old man continued his efforts to warm and massage. At the last minute, the viewer was relieved: the little dog with wet hair, his body shivering from the cold but was able to get up and walk.

_ "When picking up, I found the dog’s body is still warm so I try my best to help first.At that time, I also tangled, think what to do “I do not know the first aid, but the dog lives in part thanks to him, but also because of his energy and luck.” _

“If I had a chance to come back, I would record the pictures of the puppies for everyone to see and I would like to apply for a raise, but I’m still too young and need to be taken care of by the mother so I do not miss her” Minh said.

_Ben Tre native child sharing, the owner of the dog is his assistant in finding paper, old clothes to wipe the dog, cut the bottle of water. The owner also eagerly follow Minh’s every move, and thank the guy after moments of breathing anxiety. _

After the clip was spread on social networks, Hoang Minh received countless praises for his patience, intelligence and love for animals.


You are still an awesome person for trying.


This guy is a hero. Compare the heart this man has, working so lovingly and diligently for the tiniest and seemingly most insignificant puppy… then compare his heart to trump, and the repugnantcans who don’t want American citizens to have any kind of health care at all. How did our world get so fucked up?


Sorry to hear, but at least you tried, unlike the vast majority of humans.


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