Sleepy Corgi puppy absolutely refuses to wake up

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This video is very disturbing. The girl’s treatment of the puppy is cruel not cute. It’s been pointed out at another site that the puppy has an incision from a spay operation and is still under the influence of its sedation. At any rate what’s her problem? That’s no way to treat a puppy.


Code Blue. We have a Code Blue in the Kawaii wing! Start compression of his little fuzzy… awww

“Oh, wait . . . yeah, she’s dead.”

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If someone does this me while I’m sedated, let me tell you, I will not be nearly as cute when I come to.

adorable animal abuse is both adorable and still animal abuse.


I hope that dog does that to her tonight while she tries to sleep.


That happens with dogs.

It’s not really, deep asleep, asleep. He’s just very comfortable, relaxed and trusting of Mommy. You can see his eyes open once or twice.

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Not “abuse” - happy, secure animals love any sort of interaction with their “people” - this dog obviously feels safe & loved. I just found a similar video of my own cat not wanting to wake up - (but I was doing “Gumby” poses) - he just tucked back in and continued napping.

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Yeah, that’s a cute dog, but that person’s being an asshole. What about just, you know, petting it nicely while it sleeps?


Am I being misled by some sort of visual artifact on the dog’s stomach and the crushing load of lossy-compressed legovision, or is there rather too much corgi cock for that dog to have just been spayed?

I just really hope that pup isn’t marked as an organ donor.

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Horrible video. The puppy is indeed cute, but nothing nearly as positive can be said for the juvenile, giggling twit holding it. It very much looks like the lower portion of the puppy’s belly is shaved which suggests recent surgery. This in turn leads me to wonder if the puppy isn’t simply sleeping, but is still sedated. Given the almost total non-responsiveness of the dog despite having it’s front paws vigorously shaken, it seems likely. That would make the girl’s behavior even more repugnant.

The puppy may not be getting hurt here, but I find it offensive to see a living animal used as a toy for some cheap amusement. This goes quite a bit past simply teasing a beloved pet who is trying to sleep. I hope the girl grows out of being an insensitive brat.


It’s not true that happy and secure dogs love any attention they get from their people. Dogs are individual just like people. How do you know the puppy is happy OR secure? It’s at the mercy of an insensitive human who has no respect or regard for the puppy’s own space or need for a calm, nurturing environment to mature into. Maybe you should consider letting your cat sleep without treating him like a puppet and save play time for his awake hours.

that dog has every right to bite that woman in the face.

can’t say it wasn’t provoked.


You haters are being ridiculous. She didn’t hurt that puppy. I have two happy well adjusted and widely adored (by friends, dog sitters, people on the street, etc etc) dogs and I manipulate their limbs and “use them as puppets” all the time. They like to be touched, and I’ve never hurt them so they feel no fear about being touched, playing, whatever.

They hate being brushed. But you probably wouldn’t call brushing them “cruel” even though they are clearly afraid of and despise the grooming brush.

Get over it. If I wanted to read the comments of a bunch of hysterical trolls, I would’ve watched the video directly on youtube…

Might I suggest reserving judgement for something you know something about and trusting that a loving pet owner knows how to take care of their animals?
(behavior police is why I avoid commenting - thanks for reminding me)

I used to train assistance dogs. And I don’t automatically trust people how to take care of their animals. Why do so many dogs end up at animal shelters? And if Cesar Milan is the source of said owners’ dog training tips…don’t get me started.

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Most dogs of my acquaintance prefer the snout thrust of +1 urgency to the face for late-night waking purposes…

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To be honest, that’s the most “hysterical” comment in this thread.