Sleepy Corgi puppy absolutely refuses to wake up

yeah, you’re right. I was in a bad mood and feeling defensive. thanks for the reality check.

I think so, yes you are being misled. Even if it were the owner of a corgi-penis, she still wants the dog taking away from her & being told to pack it the fuck in.

It’s super-effective though, gotta give 'em that. Guy I work for has one that just slumps despairingly right where you were gonna walk, with a melodramatic sigh, & just lies there. Passive-aggressive resistance.

Great, now the hot new thing will be to sedate your puppy because “SLEEPY PUPPIES ARE SO CUTE!”

Also, I’m waiting for the ironic day when this dog is whining and barking and crying in the middle of the night because it needs to pee and the owner lies in bed wondering what they did to deserve it.


When a male dog is neutered, they don’t clip the weiner. Ask your mother.

It might shrink due to loss of dogtosterone, but that would take a while.

I didn’t say ‘neutered’, I said ‘spayed’, an operation that generally isn’t possible on male dogs, which is what made me wonder if the first post’s report that the dog was sedated after a ‘spay operation’ could be accurate.

Words. They mean things. That’s why they aren’t interchangeable.

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