Fearsome chihuahua shows her adorable snarling teeth

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Chihuahuas are a waste of space and should be culled.

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Came here to make comment about little mean dogs. Left here with “who’s a happy, smiley girl?”

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Your a waste of space.

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Your welcome

Probably only around 5% wolf by volume; but it’s all concentrated right in the jaws. Observe caution.


I wonder with what breed mixes formed that poor, congenitally ugly but apparently sweet dog; maybe there’s some Chinese Crested in her?

That was our dog’s guilty face. I’d say “What did you do? What?” and he’d do it more. Usually he’d left all the kitchen cabinets open. He knew enough to open them and feel guilty, but he never figured out he could cover his tracks by closing them again.

Oh, c’mon, even if you think they are “a waste of space”, at least they’re not wasting very much space. I’m not a huge fan of chihuahuas, but culling is a little much.

How about you do all the culling and we put the footage on the internet for all your friends and relatives to see?

“Yeah, Jon S., nice guy . . . except for the fact that he likes killing dogs.”

Misspelling your/you’re, except/accept is one of my little inside jokes :slight_smile:

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Trolling is a art.


Watched the video thinking I was going to end up making the comment that even a chihuahua can make a mess of a small child. But left thinking that was an incredibly ugly but rather cheery little dog that’s not threatening anyone …

“an” art… Oh F! You got me! Dammit!

That reminds of most MBAs I’ve ever worked with.

I don’t like killing dogs. I like dogs.

Chihuahuas, on the other hand …

I was just messin with ya :). I love animals, and honestly its the passive labs I can’t stand. >:)

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There’s such a thing as a passive lab? Have you checked if yours is on heroin? Because that’s pretty much what it would take to keep a lab from getting excited out of its mind by anyone new.

I dont have a lab. I have an insane mutt.

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Chihuahuas are the best.