Squinting Chihuaha, a photo from the Boing Boing Flickr Pool


Are you pondering what I’m pondering?

/yes brain but how can we pull up the pants of the guy next to us without being too obvious.

Better than squirting chihuahua. But maybe not by much.

There are small dogs which seem to be comfortable with their size. But I have yet to meet a non-neurotic chihuahua.

Song cue: Eric Bogle’s Little_Gomez

I totally read that as squirting. Different mental image…

I think he’s mortified about being shot in a photo with Pepto Bismol shorts.

“Damn it, human, I can’t deny being small, and potentially an objet petit; but Lacan meant something totally different by ‘objet petit a’.” Now take your technologically-augmented gaze someplace else, I’m trying to eat here.

Reminded me of the photographer Elliot Erwitt’s stuff. Great juxtaposition.

It’s a cheehooahooa. You know he’s checking out the ladies.

Still better off than this dog:

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