Dogs "quite tiddly" on Advocaat


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When I was a kid, my Golden Retriever puppy took a few slurps of a neighbor’s Scotch & Soda. She stumbled home and had a nice, long nap.


You gotta keep yer eye on those clumber spaniels.


What a bunch of total boozehounds.


Sharing = Caring: I had a corgi mix that enjoyed beer (no, I won’t let him drive afterwards), who would get very upset at the sound of gunfire (New Years Eve in Detroit = bang bang bang) so he’d get a little champagne to calm his nerves.


Does anyone know if dogs are roughly the same as humans(adjusted for relative size) when it comes to alcohol tolerance; or is it one of those things where naive cross-species assumptions can get somebody killed?


I used to describe my clumber as a stoner cousin to cocker spaniels. Just proved my point.


My cats looooooooooooooove whisky.

It’s mine, you jerkbutts!


Whenever my dogs try to stick their noses in my beer I tell them “Not until you’re three.”


Those are the faces of remorse if ever I’ve seen them. They’re sorry. Very, very sorry.


Dr Hindson said: "Alcohol affects pets in the same way it does humans,

Not if they’re neutered!

I would think much lower due to smaller body mass. The chemistry of acute alcohol toxicity is mainly down to the ethanol concentration in the bloodstream, interfering with cardio and respiratory functions, as well as sometimes causing brain seizures during the massive withdrawal afterward. I don’t know how similar their liver tissue is, but I wouldn’t think it could be all that different since they can eat of the lot of the same foods humans can.


I have a very goofy dachsund-cocker mix and would give my right arm to see him get drunk. I think he would be an “I love you” drunk, with a little “woo!” drunk in there.

Must not give Franklin bourbon…

(eta: I’m not here to belittle the danger the puppers were in, but imagine a drunk spaniel - already the goofiest of dogs!)


That sounds like the start of a hilarious topic for speculation: what breeds would be funniest drunk? I’d think Weimaraners and Vizslas would be pretty fun–the latter especially like to go around in packs and enjoy people.


My Springer used to get into the booze all the time. (I was a little careless in those days.) She especially liked Brown Ale.

She even had a favorite pub.



Labradoodles. Plus the hair-in-your-eyes factor.


Here’s a fun bit of trivia (from an actual veterinarian):

One of the treatments for ethylene glycol (antifreeze) toxicity is good old ethanol. It’s a competitive inhibitor of ethylene glycol binding to alcohol dehydrogenase, thereby reducing the breakdown of ethylene glycol to it’s toxic metabolites (glocyaldehyde, glycolate, glyoxalate, and oxalic acid).

So… One of the solutions for a dog drinking toxic antifreeze is to get it drunk. Really drunk.

(and the dose is 5.5ml/kg IV q 4hrs for 5 treatments, then q6hrs for for four more treatments (20% solution, i.e. 40 proof vodka). [so, that’s a really drunk dog for almost two days…]


Having known some Very Bad Dogs in my time, I’m inclined not to believe that look. At. All.


Never had a dog interested in booze, but had a raccoon that loved beer and a pony that would pick up and down any can of suds that was within her grasp (she did the same with Coca Cola) – still not sure how she learned to pick up the cans without crushing them.


Compared with most other animals, humans are preternaturally good at processing alcohol. Even compared with other primates, we’re 10-100 times better at processing alcohol than gorillas and chimps.

The main hypothesis to explain why is due to our frugivorous history. If you can smell and metabolize alcohol, you have a reproductive advantage, because it’s one more food source.